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ElectroCleanseReport: Invasion of Pain

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Here is a great article on the zapper, even though I believe that wrist bands are ineffective and the Ultimate Zapper is the by far the best zapper.


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Uniqueness of The Ultimate Zapper: 11 Features

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Beyond the fact that it works so well for me, there are eleven features that have convinced me that The Ultimate Zapper is the best zapper available (at least that I have found). Here they are:

1. Near 100% Duty Cycle
2. Stabilized Wave
3. Distortion-Free Wave
4. Constant High Voltage AC Adapter
5. High Conductivity
6. Enhanced Penetration with Stainless Steel Footpads
7. Powerful Low Frequency
8. Superior Harmonics
9. Blood Electrification & Alkalinizing
10. Powerful Electroporation Effect
11. Aura Expansion

1. Near 100% DUTY CYCLE

The Ultimate Zapper’s positive offset square wave has a Duty Cycle nearly twice as long as other zappers. It penetrates far deeper giving superior healing power. Studies show an 88%

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EMF Protection That Works

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EMF protection (Electromagnetic Field) is a concern that has been around for a while. But, with the upswing in cell phone usage and their constant, close proximity to the body, alarm about toxicity has been building. Thousands of studies have been conducted over the last few decades and there can be no doubt: EMFs are harmful to our health.

A Critical Health Hazard

Most of the latest research has been on cell phones and things like wireless routers. One 2008 study showed that EMFs interfere with the function of human cell proteins. Other studies found that they were harmful to DNA, the blood-brain barrier, and upset hormone balance. Probably the most disturbing finding is the dramatic increase in brain tumors and cancers that they cause.

EMFs are frequencies of radiation that are much

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Brain Healing – The Little Known Cure

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The Need For Brain Healing Techniques

The brain is a complex organ that science has studied for many years. Of special interest have been new discoveries that can help those who suffer from depression and addiction. Those who are affected can suffer unbearable symptoms over a prolonged period of time.

The Details Of The Problem

The basic problem with these maladies is that the brain has lost its capability to manufacture the neurochemicals that are required for it to feel good. With depression, either the person is a victim of chronic negative thought, an extended destructive or gloomy environment, or a genetic weakness. Consequently the brain has been strangled and has not been able to produce the chemical transmitters it needs to keep it from a downward swing.

With addiction, the brain gets the neurochemicals it needs from an outside source and shuts

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Bob Beck Gives Power To The Sick

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A Fearless Sunrise

A ray of hope in the long night of sickness, Bob Beck brought light back into the lives of many. A practical man, he pretty much said things straight, without fear of political consequence. While others ignored or diluted his scientific discoveries, he staked name to them. He always boldly declared that the only way to fail to regain health with his inventions was not to employ them.

No Quack Here!

One could dismiss Bob Beck as a mad man if his track record wasn’t so remarkable. His career as a physicist is bursting with success and acclaim. Most everyone has used a camera flash, thanks to Bob Beck. So when he talks about curing sickness with homemade colloidal silver and killing pathogens by electrocuting them, we should listen.

A Primitive Healing Revolution

Bob Beck’s mantra, “Take back your power!”, is best represented in his invention of the colloidal silver generator. It

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The Cure For Insomnia

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A Cure For Insomnia Is An Age Old Dilemma

Since there has been men and night, there have been some men who cannot sleep. The problem with that is that sleep brings renewal and energy. A lack of sleep is a death sentence of sorts.

But Never So Much As Today

If insomnia plagued the caveman and the medieval man, it is no wonder it beleaguers us. The pace of life has been amplified to an extreme and the pressures are unparalleled. But an overarching problem today eclipses those things. It is, in a word, electricity. The same force that holds such promise for healing in one hand, holds the power to destroy us in the other.

It Isn’t Wise To Shout Down Mother Nature

Electromagnetic pollution threatens to drown Mother Nature’s natural rhythms. These are frequencies that have governed our lives since the beginning. The cycles of the sun, of the moon, of sleep

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To Kill A Parasite – The Dawn of the Parasite Zapper

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Nothing New

The idea of a parasite zapper is not a new idea. In the middle of the last century, Royal Rife discovered that electricity could kill parasites. He came to this understanding because of his dark field microscope, a powerful diagnostic tool that could see bacteria and viruses.

A Second Wind

Unfortunately, his invention got him into trouble when his disease curing discoveries conflicted with the vested interest of the day. For many years after his death, his ideas about parasites and disease lay dormant. Then Dr. Hulda Clark, a private researcher, came on the scene.

Extraordinary Vision Deja Vu

Hulda Clark also had a powerful diagnostic tool that could “see” parasites. She called it the synchrometer, which was a device that operated on hearing resonance. With this device, she reaffirmed Royal Rife’s ideas about the destruction of parasites. Her protocol, like Royal Rife’s, also contemplated health cures that got her into trouble with

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Colloidal Silver – Should You Trust It?

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To Believe or Not To Believe

A survey of colloidal silver on the internet can be confusing. How much can you trust those who are trying to sell you colloidal silver or devices to make it? And then there are the websites where physicians with impressive titles basically say that colloidal silver is worthless, possibly harmful, and that no sound scientific studies support its efficacy. What are we to believe?

The Democracy of the Dead

I think the first thing we need to look at is what I would call the democracy of the dead. We have become rather arrogant in our modern culture of science and sometimes totally ignored the wisdom of those who have lived and thought and died for millennia before us. Our scientific method isn’t the only place to find truth.

A short peruse of history will reveal that the antibiotic properties of silver medically and in food preservation have

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Shocking Alternative Doctors That Can Heal You

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The alternative doctors that cure us materialize from the strangest places. Ever since Mary Shelley published Frankenstein, men and women have been enthralled by the thought that electric current might possibly contain the essence of life. It would seem these concepts aren’t without basis. Over the past few centuries, health benefits from using electrical power have been documented.

A Multipurpose Healer

In the present day, electricity stands out as a dynamic remedy for health in the body. Part of its power lies in its ability to proficiently cope with hazardous pathogens that can conflict with the functions of the body. It also has been demonstrated to increase recovery and even exhibits promise for having the ability to regenerate limbs and heal paralysis.

Confirmed by Credible Science

  • Dr. Josef Penninger of the Austrian Institute of Molecular Biotechnology and Dr. Min Zhao of the University of Aberdeen, U.K., have shown that electric fields in tissue carry
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Insomnia Cures

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Who needs insomnia cures? In our fast paced world, insomnia has become a rampant problem. The word insomnia doesn’t mean anything unless it you up in the middle of the night! Then it takes on a whole new meaning. Here is a look at different discoveries and theories that just may help if insomnia is your curse:

The G.E.C.K.: Brainwave Entrainment

“…when stimulus is repeated continuously above four Hz, the brain begins to ‘resonate’ with the stream of stimuli and the resultant brainwave response is of the same frequency as the stimuli. The entraining brainwave occurs best at …

Publish Date: 10/04/2010 23:12


How to beat insomnia with therapies based on sounds and music

Because sleeping pills are not a good answer to insomnia people who can’t sleep are looking for a natural insomnia cure. Brainwave entrainment is a natural remedy for insomnia that you may not have

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