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Greater Giving Boosts Health

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Giving to others is certainly one of best and most affordable health cures.  We all know what giving feels like from childhood, a feeling which is referred to as the “helper’s high”.  It turns out that this is more than just a feeling.  Giving is good for the mind, spirit, and body.

Benefits of Altruism

Reaching out to help results in better health:

  • It promotes a strengthened immune system.
  • It generates positive emotions, improving attitudes that damage the body.
  • It decreases pain by releasing endorphins.
  • It reduces stress.
  • It produces a “helper’s high”, which is a rush of euphoria that is followed by an extended period of calm and well-being.

Research Seems to Show What We Already Know

  • Allan Luks has studied the Helper’s High extensively.  According to his research, 90 percent of those who give
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Magnesium Oil – Hype Or Helpful?

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Although it hasn’t been taken up by the press yet, science has been telling us for some time that 80% of Americans aren’t getting enough magnesium.

To Blame For Serious Disease

No matter how many antioxidants or minerals like calcium you get, if you don’t get enough magnesium, your cells simply won’t work. With the mountain of forceful and convincing research that has been done over the years, it is interesting that we haven’t heard much about it.

A lack of magnesium in the body is a causative factor in practically all of our serious health concerns. Doctors and researchers of top reputation are blaming things like heart disease largely on a magnesium deficiency.

The Dilemma

The problem is that the foods that you need to eat to give you enough magnesium are not foods we eat in high enough quantities to provide what our body needs. This is compounded by the fact that absorption

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Classic Natural Healing Remedies Are Best

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Frequently Old Fashioned Is Superior

Are the old natural healing remedies better? Pretty much all conventional communities incorporate raw, enzyme-rich foods in their cuisines-not only vegetable foods but also uncooked animal proteins and fats. They additionally incorporate a certain amount of cultured or fermented foods, that contain an enzyme content which is additionally improved by the aging and culturing technique.

Fermented Is Not Optional For Some

Those countries that devour sizable amounts of cooked foods, particularly meat, usually include fermented vegetables or condiments, such as sauerkraut and pickled carrots, cucumbers and beets, together with their meals. Even when being subject to high temperatures, fermented foods are really way more easily assimilated given that they are already predigested by enzymes. If the meal served is composed entirely of cooked foods, then a lacto-fermented condiment is definitely a must.

Modern Difficulties Resolved By Old Wisdom?

Scientists and health professionals nowadays are mystified by the growth of new

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A Lung Detox: For The Breath Of It

By admin On October 20, 2010 1 Comment

lung detoxWhy A Lung Detox?

Your lungs are one of your major organs of elimination.  They exhale cell wastes that, if allowed to build up, would poison the body.  They also rid the body of unwanted elements by coughing them up.  Like every other organ, the body suffers when they are overwhelmed with too many toxins.  Keeping the lungs in great working order should be an important goal for each of us.

First Things First

The first step in a lung detox is to remove the things that cause lung irritation and excess mucus, since these things interfere with optimal lung function and detoxification.  Avoid these foods and triggers:

  • Dairy Products – Although dairy products do not normally cause mucus, the high amounts of fat in them causes existing mucus in
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Cultivating Food Enzymes

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Food enzymes are critically important for healthy body function.  Years ago, I went to a seminar by Dr. Michael O’Brien, a noted enzyme research scientist, that underscored this.   I was especially impressed by Michael’s appearance.  He looked half his actual age.  His body bore the truth of his words about enzymes.  Today he is over 100 and still vital.

A Serious Regenerator

He has successfully treated many genetic conditions and hopeless cases of advanced disease.  The other thing that got me to thinking was his use of massive doses of enzymes to affect the complete recovery of the famed Dr. Bernard Jensen, who had been written off with an incurable case of prostate cancer.

To Drink From The Fountain of Youth

As I looked further I found that food enzymes are the most

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Lacto Fermentation of Veggies

By admin On July 18, 2010 3 Comments

Lacto fermentation was a mainstay of our ancestors.  In their time vegetables and fruits were preserved for long periods of time without freezing or canning.

“Friendly bacteria keep the bowel clean from putrefaction and fermentation
which produce excess gas and bad odors.” -Dr. Bernard Jensen

Ignore At Your Own Risk

Lacto-fermented foods are a universal phenomenon.  Traditional recipes come from every part of the world.  And although it has been largely discarded in modern culture in favor of more predictable and “practical” methods of preservation, we should sit up and take notice of the wisdom of our forefathers.  It is dangerous to ignore what every race of the past has thought important.

The abandonment of lacto fermentation has come at a cost.  There is more happening in this

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Magnesium Oil

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Why Magnesium Oil?

There is a growing body of evidence that most people are deficient in the mineral magnesium  (*see footnote).  This wouldn’t be so critical if it didn’t have as big and varied a role in the human body. However, it is the fourth most prevalent mineral in the body, responsible for such vital tasks as nerve function, muscle contraction, and bone health. It is responsible for more than 325 biochemical reactions in the body, acting more like a hormone than a mineral. Its deficiency is just one more factor in the cause of chronic disorders such as fibromyalgia, migraine, heart disease and cancer.  Most pain is the result of overstressed cells, and sufficient magnesium alleviates this stress.

An Absorption Problem

The problem with taking magnesium orally is that it is not easily absorbed in the digestive tract (you will get sick before you can absorb near enough of it), but

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Facial Fitness

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Facial fitness can make most think you are 10-15 years younger.  That is is pretty powerful but that is what keeping your skin healthy can do for you.  Age is inevitable but you may not realize how much you can stop the clock or even reverse time. You can look and feel young at any age. It really isn’t a secret how. You just have to learn the first signals of aging and who your allies are and overtake the march of time.

The better you look, the better you will feel. There is no way of getting around deep cleansing if you want to keep you skin in its best form.

Cleansing and Washing for Facial Fitness

Water Facts on Herbal Extraction

By admin On July 6, 2010 2 Comments

Water Facts: Why Water Extracts

One might ask, “Why even bother with water extraction if alcohol is so much stronger?”  Two things come to my mind.

  • A water extract can be prepared much more quickly than an alcohol extract.  Although, in an emergency, a batch of alcohol extract can be thrown together in a few days, the good stuff takes a minimum of two weeks and preferably much longer.  That is a major advantage if you need an extraction now and you are out of alcohol extract.
  • The two processes are very different, both in how and which plant chemicals are extracted and what affect they have on the body. It is not only a altered experience for the plant, but it is a much different action to take a
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Herbal Extraction: Alcohol Extracts

By admin On July 5, 2010 1 Comment

Alcohol Extracts – The Power of Herbal Extraction

Despite its dark side, alcohol is a great blessing.  Being one of the oldest drugs, its anesthetic and antiseptic properties have long been known.  It is also can be used as a fuel.  But I believe that its greatest strength lies in its ability to extract plant chemicals.  This time honored process is steeped in tradition.

There is no other consumable substance known to man that can dissolve more biologically active plant constituents.  Using alcohol you can get the fullest range of available compounds.  It is also is a wonderful carrier and increases the absorption rate of the herbs taken.  Lastly, it is an excellent preservative, extending viability of extracts almost indefinitely.

For years I have done my own herbal extraction, making my alcoholic extracts in my kitchen.  My children grew up

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