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The Road Less Traveled Is Full Of Chuck Holes

In the last century, men like Geroges Lakhovsky and Royal Rife have made remarkable advances in fighting disease with the use of one of the great alternative doctors—electricity.  As with most inventors, researchers, and revolutionaries, these men and women have been met with intense resistance.

This comes not only from those who are loath to change a lifetime of established thought and theory, but also from those who stand to lose a fortune if simple, affordable ways of healing are understood and established.

“All great truths began as blasphemies”
– George Bernard Shaw

The Power To Heal

The alternative doctors I talk about on these web pages are devices I have used successfully and/or studied for years.  These electrical tools have been employed by hundreds of thousands who have not only pushed back their diseases but often totally cured them.

The Most Compelling Evidence

I feel that the supporting evidence for the efficacy of electromedicine is so overwhelming that it cannot be pawned off on quackery.  The most compelling proof for me is simply that they have helped me and my family.  The next is that, when you read their histories, many of these men and women had some of the sharpest minds in the history of scientific research.

Viable Discoveries Targeted By Vested Interest

From my perspective, an intelligent mind that reads history can see that many of the inventions in electromedicine are no less viable and effective than a lot of the inventions we now enjoy which they coincided with (like phones, computers, electric motors, airplanes).  The scientific validation of many of the technological miracles of our modern age lie in theories we have not proven or even totally understand.  Usually, the difference lies in vested interest.

They Laughed

There have always been skeptics.  They laughed at Galileo and they laughed at the Wright Brothers.  To be fair, the skeptics haven’t always been wrong.  But their biggest mistake is their refusal to inspect the evidence.  Ideas should not be ridiculed before that happens.

Those who automatically reject “crazy” ideas before giving them an impartial examination are putting themselves in a bad place.  They could be joining the experts who would not even go to see the Wright Flyer in action and who eventually forced the Wrights to move to France.

“Theories have four stages of acceptance:
  1. This is worthless nonsense
  2. This is an interesting, but perverse, point of view.
  3. This is true but quite unimportant.
  4. I always said so.”

– J.B.S. Haldane, 1963

My Challenge And Experience

My challenge to you is to keep an open mind.  The alternative doctors are inexpensive to acquire, and you stand to see a healing miracle in your life from their use.  My family and friends certainly have.

Colloidal Silver Generator | Hulda Clark Parasite Zapper | Bob Beck Protocol

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