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Bob Beck was a highly respected research physicist who is known as the father of flash photography.  His creativity and passion have created some of the most effective devices in electromedicine.  He stands out as an amazing crusader for health in the last century.  Like a voice crying in the wilderness, he has offered despairing people hope—a chance to “take back their power”.  For many years he extended to sick and dying people a chance to regain their health.  He gave away the fruits of his research, free and refreshing, to all those who would accept it.  His message was as bold and clear then as it is now: the only way to fail with his protocol was not to do it.

“Well, God has left a backdoor to health and that backdoor seems to be electricity.  And I’ve done a lot to try to get this out of hiding and given back to the public.”  -Bob Beck

His protocol has been widely used and is effective and cheap but, unfortunately, it has been almost universally overlooked by medical community. His devices are readily available and praised by thousands around the world who have accepted his challenge and restored their health.

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Bob Beck’s 4-pronged protocol for healing:

  • Colloidal Silver

Bob Beck gave us a simple way of making one of nature’s most powerful antibiotics, colloidal silver, for pennies a gallon.

  • Blood Purifier

Bob Beck’s blood electrification follows a simple principle: If you clean your blood, you will get healthier.  Taking the outstanding discoveries of two researchers at Albert Einstein College of Medicine that showed that all pathogens in the blood could be killed by running electric current through it, Bob Beck built a device that strapped to the wrists that ran electricity through the blood without removing it from the body.

The idea of killing pathogens with electricity is not a new one.  There have been many revolutionary patents and research papers over the last 100 years confirming such an idea.  The Blood Purifier has performed just as the university experiments predicted, eliminating viruses, parasites, fungi, bacteria and pathogens from the blood and driving back serious disease like AIDS and cancer.

Bob Beck’s Miracle Discovery

  • Magnetic Pulse Generator

The Magnetic Pulsar throws back on Bob Beck’s invention of the strobe.  The magnetic waves from the flash generate electric currents deep within the body.  There it can eliminate pathogens that are hiding out of reach.  It is also effective on any area with poor circulation, especially infected areas like lymph glands and tumors.

  • Ozonated Water

Bob Beck promoted ozonated water as the fourth step is in his protocol.  My personal feeling is that chlorine dioxide is a safer and more effective way to oxidize pathogens.  Oxygen is risky because of the possibility of getting too much.  Then it becomes a free radical and causes more damage than good.  I am not saying that, when ozonated properly, it can’t be an effective way to neutralize toxins in the body.  There is one thing it does that Chlorine Dioxide doesn’t: provide ample amounts of oxygen to the blood.

The above devices used in the Beck Protocol can be bought at Tools for Healing.

Bob Beck’s Brain Tuner: Balancing The Mind

Bob Beck’s last research project before he retired focused on the brain and altered states of consciousness.  The outcome of that research was the design of the Brain Tuner.  It is a time tested technology that has proven itself effective scientifically as well as with thousands of satisfied users.  It won him an award from the John Fitzer Foundation.

More information on the Brain Tuner and brain healing.

For those who have health problems, ignoring Bob Beck’s research can come at a steep price.  He has developed safe, non-invasive methods of applying critical health discoveries.  They are so simple and inexpensive that they can be used (and even built) by everyone.  And by making them freely available to all, rather than patenting them, he has made it impossible for the medical and pharmaceutical industries to control or suppress his inventions.

“There are no incurable diseases, only incurable people.”   Dr. Richard Schulze

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