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EMF protection (Electromagnetic Field) is a concern that has been around for a while. But, with the upswing in cell phone usage and their constant, close proximity to the body, alarm about toxicity has been building. Thousands of studies have been conducted over the last few decades and there can be no doubt: EMFs are harmful to our health.

A Critical Health Hazard

Most of the latest research has been on cell phones and things like wireless routers. One 2008 study showed that EMFs interfere with the function of human cell proteins. Other studies found that they were harmful to DNA, the blood-brain barrier, and upset hormone balance. Probably the most disturbing finding is the dramatic increase in brain tumors and cancers that they cause.

EMFs are frequencies of radiation that are much higher than the body’s frequencies. They have a chaotic and disrupting effect on our cells as they pass through. They interfere with the many bioelectric processes of our bodies, hindering sleep, immunity, and causing biological stress and tissue damage. The bottom line is that they run interferance with our body’s own frequencies.

Without EMF Protection, These High Frequencies Morph Our Body’s Frequencies

Robert O Becker’s research demonstrated how the body’s EMFs actually communicate in our systems and how their balance is crucial to our health. The problem is that artificial EMFs alter the body’s frequency through a process called entrainment. All that this means is that our bodies tend to vibrate at the frequency of something outside it. As our body’s frequencies change to match these high frequencies bombarding us, we become sick.

These frequencies don’t leave after exposure either. They get trapped in the body’s connective tissue in the form of electromagnetic oscillations, messing with your bodies vital operations.

There Is Good News!

There is a solution to this dilemma; a discovery that solves this EMF protection crisis.  It is based on the research of Dr. Bill Tiller, a Professor Emeritus as Stanford University’s Department of Materials Science, who for more than three decades has been studying psychoenergetics. His research is changing the way we view the universe.

The core of these studies has proved with consitently repeatable experiments that it is possible to change the properties of a physical substance by holding a clear intention to do so. In these carefully performed lab tests, he showed that the acid/alkaline balance of water could be changed dramatically up or down by mentally intending to change it. Distance doesn’t have any effect on this process. It is just as effective whether the source of intention is a few feet away or in a lab 6000 miles away. If this wasn’t startling enough, Dr. Tiller and his colleges discovered that they could use a simple electronic device to actually “store” a specific intention within its electrical circuit.

There Can Be No Doubt

This is the research that underlies these devices that can neutralize the detrimental effects of EMFs on the human body. The human psyc really does affect the physical world. This can no longer be denied. There can be no doubt that these devices developed from this research are effective for EMF protection. They have not only been tested successfully at a national research lab of outstanding reputation but have passed the scrutiny of other methods also, such as bioresonance, heart rate variability, autonomic response, and kinesiology.

Innovative Devices That Incorporate This Research

The two companies that manufacture these devices to protect against EMFs that I am aware of are Dimensional Design’s Safe Space and Aulterra. Here is Quantum Biology Research Labs testing results on Safe Space and Aulterra.

Thank You Dr. Tiller!

This is definitely a big step in the direction of better health, given the fact that we cannot escape these damaging EMFs in our world. Thank you Dr. Bill Tiller and colleges!

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