The Parasite Zapper: An Amazing Discovery

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Hulda Clark, the inventor of the parasite Zapper, has been an inspiration to me.  Like Bob Beck, I think it is her selflessness that impressed me most.  But her mettle has to be a close second: the fortitude to stand tall in a world of darkness and ignorance.

“What amazed me about Dr. Clark was her complete disinterest in material things. Often enough I was a bit worried when I saw her driving around in her old clunker. She just had no needs that went beyond just the basic needs. That mindset led Dr. Clark to share her research freely with the whole world. Except for the books themselves, Dr. Clark never had any commercial interests, but published her findings in her books for everyone to use. She even allowed anyone to freely make copies of her books, if they were not sold. I remember a time when someone illegally published one of her books in Mexico and when she was asked if she did not want to do something about that, she said: “oh well, at least the public can read my books”.”  -David P. Amrein

She was a private research scientist whose brilliance and tireless compassion for people impacted and saved many lives—and still does. She was an educator who freely gave all she had to the world so that people could have the knowledge and tools to heal themselves. She had the courage to write what she found to be true boldly in the titles of her books: The Cure for All Diseases and The Cure for All Cancers.  It is in these books that she describes how health is affected by parasites and toxins.  There, she gave the world her parasite zapper for killing them.

Hulda Clark’s breakthrough was her development of the syncrometer. It was her diagnostic tool, the thing that every scientist needs in order to make broad strides in understanding disease. It was a new electronic way to scan the body, using resonance. If the same substance is in the body that is on the test plate of the device, resonance is heard—just like two engines on an airplane resonate with each other. The syncrometer is amazingly accurate. Hulda Clark could put anything on her skin, blindfolded, and accurately identify it.

She discovered that everything, from viruses to people, has a unique frequency and that if you radiate an organism with its own frequency, it dies. For years she used a frequency generator to kill parasites in patients. But this method took too long.

Here are other electomedicine protocols:

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Then, quite by accident, she discovered that a square wave, positive offset frequency (one that doesn’t alternate between positive and negative voltage) killed all bacteria, viruses, and parasites simultaneously. And so the parasite zapper was born.

I have used the zapper on myself and my family for many years with success on everything from tooth aches to Candida. I am not alone. There are hundreds of thousands around the world, like me, who have discovered that the zapper really does work and are benefiting from it and the other discoveries of this humble healer.

Although I have had success with other zappers, I believe the Ultimate Zapper is the most powerful and effective  of all the zappers I have used or read about.  It is described by some as being one of the most powerful electronic detoxifiers in the world. Here are eleven reasons why.

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If you would like to building a parasite zapper, there are two great sites that I have found on the internet that walk you through it. They are the ZapperLab.com and Ryan McGinty’s ZapperInfo PDF.

If you would like to build a zapper from a kit ($50), ZapperLab.net is a great site.

Dr. Hulda Clark is not the first to discover that parasites can be killed with electricity.  And since parasites are such a scurge to our health, there is no doubt in my mind that her zapper is a powerful and effective way to push back disease.  Try it.  I think you will enjoy the same results that I have.

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