Uniqueness of The Ultimate Zapper: 11 Features

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Beyond the fact that it works so well for me, there are eleven features that have convinced me that The Ultimate Zapper is the best zapper available (at least that I have found). Here they are:

1. Near 100% Duty Cycle
2. Stabilized Wave
3. Distortion-Free Wave
4. Constant High Voltage AC Adapter
5. High Conductivity
6. Enhanced Penetration with Stainless Steel Footpads
7. Powerful Low Frequency
8. Superior Harmonics
9. Blood Electrification & Alkalinizing
10. Powerful Electroporation Effect
11. Aura Expansion

1. Near 100% DUTY CYCLE

The Ultimate Zapper’s positive offset square wave has a Duty Cycle nearly twice as long as other zappers. It penetrates far deeper giving superior healing power. Studies show an 88% Duty Cycle gives superior results and treatment time is reduced by 64% with a 90% Duty Cycle.

This study shows high Duty Cycle times voltage greatly improves results. The Ultimate Zapper’s near 100% Duty Cycle x 10.5 volts penetrates much deeper than a 50% Duty Cycle x any voltage from battery or adapter.

The Ultimate Zapper:

All Other Zappers:


The Ultimate Zapper has a stabilized square wave. It stays square with body contact unlike unstabilized waves. This helps create superior results in synergy with the other 10 features that make up its unique formula.

The Ultimate Zapper:

Unstabilized Zappers:


Battery discharge causes wave distortion that diminishes effectiveness. The Ultimate Zapper’s AC adapter gives a constant output of 10.5 volts that creates a distortion-free wave for full therapeutic power.

Wave Distortion with Battery Zappers:


Dr. Clark says you need 9 volts to activate white blood cells & remove toxins. Battery zappers have low battery warnings but they never mention inferior results using discharging batteries. The Ultimate Zapper gives 10.5 constant volts and superior results.


The New Model SE is RoHS compliant with all lead-free components. It has the highest conducivity of any zapper and is 40% more powerful than the original Ultimate Zapper thanks to the synergy of silver alloy solder (silver is the most conductive metal), lead-free components, the AC adapter & stainless steel accessories. Read more.


Dr. Clark said footpads help greatly. In fact, they increase effectiveness by 63% to 77%. 80% of customers add footpads to their zapper order. Footpads also allow for hands-free zapping and for zapping pets — and they convert to a superior Food Zappicator. Read more.


Dr. Clark invented the zapper in 1993. She showed it can kill all parasites with a square wave using a single frequency. The Ultimate Zapper kills microbes more effectively than other zappers thanks to its synergistic formula including a 2500 Hz frequency. Read more at #5 on the Ken Presner’s FAQ Page.


Dr. Clark said harmonic frequencies greatly improve results by magnifying the effect of the primary wave. Electronics expert Dr. Richard Loyd tested all major zappers. He found The Ultimate Zapper gives more harmonics than any other zapper thanks to its unique wave.

Italian electronics expert Giovanni P. proved The Ultimate Zapper creates the most effective wave of any zapper. Read his scientific explanation. His oscilloscope photos show the New Model SE gives odd & even harmonics through the whole frequency spectrum vs. only odd harmonics for all other zappers. This translates into superior results.

The Ultimate Zapper:

All Other Zappers:


Blood electrification is patented for killing HIV. This powerful therapy is created by The Ultimate Zapper as well as by Beck blood electrifiers. It is backed by scientific proof. See testimonials under the category BLOOD on Ken Presner’s website.

Some makers say you need to be alkaline to benefit from their zapper so you need to change your diet and take supplements. No need with the New Model SE. Reports show it is an excellent alkalinizer — doing what other zappers cannot do.

“My HIV+ friend got your zapper. In 6 months — without any medication — his blood samples showed a viral load of less than 500 (down from 50,000). His doctor only wants to see him once a year. He’s very happy.” – Richard B.

“I love my Ultimate Zapper. I witnessed its amazing power for killing blood parasites with a darkfield microscope. I had 1 year to live. I had cancer, said no to chemo/radiation, used Dr. Clark’s info. and zapped and I feel great.”  – Jack I.

Dr. Ben G. in Zambia treats malaria patients with The Ultimate Zapper. All blood tests come back “malaria negative” after 6 days of zapping.


The Ultimate Zapper not only kills opportunitic microbes, it also has a powerful Electroporation Effect that is explained in this scientific paper.

A Microscopic View of Electroporation Therapy:

Electroporation Therapy increases blood oxygenation by making cell walls temporarily more porous. It also increases absorption of nutrients, herbs & medicine. Everyone who has taken the Electroporation Challenge has been convinced. Eppendorf Electroporator at $2200 is one of many government-approved zappers. 17 Electroporation testimonials and more are here.

Dramatic proof of Electroporation Therapy (red blood cells clumped before zapping, and oxygenated 30 minutes after zapping):

Maintenance Zapping for Good Health

If you are not zapping for a specific condition weekly maintenance zapping will help keep you in optimum health via the Electroporation Effect. It enhances the uptake of nutrients from supplements & diet and purifies, oxygenates and alkalinizes the blood.


The Ultimate Zapper expands the human aura. It helps protect the body from electro-magnetic fields and enhances the its natural healing power. Dowsers love The Ultimate Zapper. One dowser emailed me, “Arthur Doerksen’s Auto-Zap works but not well. Yours won among all zappers I tested on the net”. Another dowser tested it at a health fair. He said, “The Ultimate Zapper increases the human aura by 3 times. It is a very healing instrument.” Read the documentation.

*The above information can be found HERE in its original context about halfway down the page.

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