Alcohol – The Curse of the Blessing

By admin On October 6, 2011 Under Emotional

A Great Blessing

Alcohol is a great blessing in this world. It is a great anesthetic and antiseptic. There is no better extractor of plant chemicals. With these glowing qualities one wonders why it has ended up with such a dark shadow.

A Greater Potential

It has been said that the more potential something has for good, the greater is its potential to be used for evil. Alcohol is no exception. It has caused so much suffering and death that it is easy to look on it as an irredeemable substance.

A Perilous Hazard to Our Body Mind Balance

Abraham Lincoln obviously felt that way when he said, “Alcohol has many defenders, and no defense.” Perhaps he said that because he realized alcohol’s dangerous capability to ensnare the human machine. Often one doesn’t realize their danger until it is too late.

Alcohol Targets Our Vulnerable Youth

This is especially the case with young people who have less natural ability to make good decisions in the first place. On top of that, they are bombarded by peers and the media with the message that drinking is cool and something they don’t want to miss. If this is not counteracted, it can have a devastating influence and effect on them.

We Control the Risk

Consequently it is imperative to protect our kids as much as possible. And our posture towards alcohol does have a powerful impact on our children’s attitude toward it. Research has shown that when fathers are abstinent, 70% of their children are too. But only 32% are abstinent when their dad occasionally drinks. If dad drinks every day, their temperate offspring dives to 25%. Obviously actions speak louder than words.

To Drink or Not to Drink

So that brings up a sober question. As pleasurable as it is, even as inherently good as it is, what is a parent to do? The question lingers: To drink or not to drink?

Russian Roulette

It is true that many can drink reasonably all their lives. But there is an enormous problem among those who can’t. And know one knows when they start which kind of man they are. Above the danger to the adult or parent hangs the influence he has on vulnerable and impressionable teen.

A Serious Look

The answer lies perhaps in how much risk we are comfortable with taking in life. But regardless, as parents we need to take a serious look at our lives and realize there that we aren’t immune from consequences of our decisions and actions.

The Best Policy

We are not islands. It is not just our lives we hold in our hands. We hold there also the lives and body mind balance of our children. Acting in the best interest of our children is always the best policy. Our decisions don’t just affect us. We stand in a solemn place in our kid’s eyes. We are the ones who can make the most difference in the outcome of their lives.

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