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Brain HealingIt is no secret that we have brains powered by electricity.  This electrical force spans billions of neurons in our brains.  Each is a complex, microscopic electrical generator.   These all synchronize to orchestrate the systemic release of vital neurochemicals that create positive emotional health.

Dramatic Brain Healing When All Else Fails

Addiction, depression, and insomnia are the results of low levels of these neurotransmitters in the brain.  Sunshine and exercise can help to increase these levels but, in some cases, a more direct approach is necessary.  Low level electro-stimulation of the brain causes it to rapidly manufacture massive amounts of the neurochemicals that have been suppressed.  This quickly and effectively restores optimal levels of these chemicals.  The result is a reversal of negative symptoms, brain healing, and a rapid recovery of emotional health.

The effects of this brain technology are amazing and surprising to those who have never heard of it.  But this knowledge is nothing new.

History of Cranial Electrical Stimulation (CES)

What is now known as Cranial Electrical Stimulation has been around a long time.  The first known experimentation with low intensity electrical stimulation happened in France back in 1902.  But the first serious research began in the Soviet Union in the 1950s.  They focused on treating insomnia and called their discovery ‘electrosleep’.  As other researchers got involved, it was soon observed that this technology reduced depression and enhanced brain alertness.

As the decade of the 1960s wound down, universities in the United States were doing full blown research on CES.   Double–blind studies at the University of Wisconsin showed that it could quickly (in 3 to 4 days) overcome drug–withdrawal symptoms including reversing Korscoff psychosis (short term memory loss).  This memory loss normally takes 8 years to reverse!  Studies in Wisconsin and Louisiana proved that it could dramatically increase the IQ.

Today, over 100 studies later, the effectiveness and safety of CES have been well documented.  It has been used in brain healing treatment worldwide for over 50 years.  Thousands with sleep problems, depression, addictions, anxiety, and many other dysfunctions have benefited.  Since these problems underpin many physical diseases, CES can play a major role in healing.  Less than 5% who use it are disappointed.  There are tens of thousands of units in use around the world.

Expected Effects of Using Cranial Electrical Stimulation

Research has shown that CES can increase short and long term memory, creativity, learning, and intelligence.  It has been shown to decrease pain, anxiety, depression, and sleep requirements.  Users report improved energy, mental clarity, self esteem, and outlook as well as a diminishing of negative habits and behavior.  Multiple studies show that CES in fact help cells grow and renew.

“(It is) apparent that CES is effective in alleviating symptoms of anxiety, depression, and insomnia…CES appears effective as a treatment for withdrawal in the chemically dependent person…Other promising areas of treatment are in hypergastric acidity and migraine headaches…while one usually assumes some placebo effect from a treatment as dramatic as this, none has been reported in studies controlled for this effect.”

– Dr. Ray Smith, Ph.D./CES research scientist

The Problem

The politics of health and big business have often gotten in the way of our health and this technology was no exception even though the benefits were so obvious.  Prescription drug usage is huge since the pharmacologists have been prescribing mind altering drugs since the good old days of Milltown.  Consequently, this technology is in a position to interrupt a massive, multi-billion dollar trade.  (Could this have anything to do with why these devices aren’t used in main stream medicine, at least in the US?)

And, since the major stress-related symptoms—insomnia, addiction, anxiety and depression—are rapidly reversed in about 95% of the people who use CES, this also has an impact on the business of psychology.  Consequently a device like this many not endear itself to many psychologists.  (Even so, I feel a combination of CES and talk therapy could be a dynamic duo for brain healing and bringing people rapidly back to emotional health.)

These social-political-monetary issues succeeded in bogging manufacture of these devices down with red tape and financing problems.  This halted any progress in making a CES device that would be readily available to the public.

Enter Bob Beck

And so Bob Beck, a respected physicist with a history in brainwave research, decided to take action.  The technology was thoroughly tested and viable.  He knew it worked.  CES provided everything that was necessary for the brain to rehabilitate its own production of neuro-transmitters.  He just had to design a unit according to the existing research.

And So He Made A Better Unit For The People

After doing complex spectrum analysis on every CES unit he could get his hands on, he decided on a shotgun approach instead of the rifle tactics of other units.  He took many hundreds of the best frequencies he discovered (these were frequencies in three magical spans of neurotransmitters including an extraordinary healing frequency he learned about from the Russians) and fired them simultaneously like a vibrating chord of song.

Brain HealingThe resulting device, which he called a Brain Tuner, isn’t much bigger than a cell phone and runs on a 9–volt dry cell.  It has electrodes that fit behind the ears and are worn for twenty minutes a day.

A Brain Healing Tool That Has Endured

He built a number of these devices and gave them to friends to use.  They worked so well that they became very popular. The brain tuner available today, though essentially the same, has been improved and refined over the years to include more frequencies, more consistent output, and a choice of different combinations of ‘chords’ depending on  your needs.

Bob Beck won the John Fetzer Foundation pioneering award for scientific achievement in 1990 for his brain research.  Because of his research, the common man has better access to technology that can effectively and affordable change their fortunes of health.

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