Avoid A Child Crisis: Be Present

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Avoiding a Child CrisisTo Walk Hand In Hand

Navigating a child crisis well (or preventing one) is the most important thing you can do to for your children’s health.  How is the best way to do this?  After a few decades of wearing the name “dad” and just as much time to think about it, my short answer is to be present.  A lot of stuff happens in life but if you make it a priority to be involved in your children’s lives—their interests, their games, their movies, their books, their sleeping, their sexual development, their hurts, their struggles—then they will find in you an indispensible companion that they will never want to be without as long as you live, even longer.  They will find in you a provider, a protector, a mentor, and a friend—someone they can trust.

Give Them What They Need

This is what we all need in life to thrive.  If our children do not find it in us, they may search through their lives in vain to find it and a child crisis, sickness and despair, will be the result.

The Many Little Things Of Life

If we are engaged with our kids, we are there with them when all the little teaching moments come by.  Those little teaching moments make the bigger moments, like the birds and the bees talk, almost unnecessary.  In this way we teach by instruction in the most powerful way.

Don’t Be A Hypocrite

If we support this by example, by practicing what we teach, the concrete will be set.  Their minds will think, “Dad not only says this but it works for him.”  I realize that none of us are perfect.  We will make mistakes that will hurt our children.  But if we keep faith, they will see our intent and our perseverance.  Our influence will not be lost and our relationship will be to them a blessing instead of a curse.  Many a child crisis would be avoided.

Avoiding Child CrisisChallenge Their Noblest Instincts

Last but not least, is important to challenge your children’s imagination and inspire them to live noble lives of integrity.  This happens all along the way, from discussions about life (such as books/movies they experience and friends/clothes they choose) to rewards/ceremonies/ gifts that celebrate the man or woman they are becoming.  Ceremonies are especially powerful since they make the celebrated events unforgettable and permanently underscore in our kid’s minds the importance of what has happened.  In this way we spur our children on, provoking and motivating them to be the best they can be.

Write It On Their Hearts

There are many ways, similar to this, in which parents can etch their children’s value and destiny on their hearts and minds.  They will be as unique as you and your children.  Above all though, I think taking a leadership role yet being present to listen and truly exchange ideas all along the path of childhood is the most crucial part of raising balanced and healthy kids.

TChild Crisishere Is Always Hope

But even if we have totally messed up, our child is out of control, and we find ourselves in a child crisis, it is not too late.  Truly, it is never too late as long as life lasts.  There are dynamic ways to redeem the time we have lost.  Two courses of reconciliation that I value above any others I have found are The Total Transformation Program and 30 Days.

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