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Emotion CodeWith The Emotion Code, Dr. Bradley Nelson has developed a simple system to release trapped emotions caused by emotional trauma in your past. He is a well known physician and teacher with a passion for natural healing.

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

Emotions are the spice of life.  The apathy of our existence would border on robotic without them.  However, our negative experiences have created emotions that are very difficult to completely process and let go of.  These are things we all experience, like loss of loved ones, divorce, and financial hardship.  We hang onto them tenaciously (or should I say that they hang onto us), often without realizing it.

A Simple Answer

The goal of most psychotherapy is to get rid of that baggage.  That is because these trapped emotions can be the cause or antagonist of many of the emotional and physical ailments that plague us.  The Emotion Code is an effective way to jettison these blocked emotions.  It not only diagnoses our dangerous emotions, but also eliminates them.  It helps us to overcome past obstacles and bring us a new life.  Its power lies in its simplicity.  This is a system that anyone can do. And it is described in language that ordinary people can understand.

Compassion And Integrity

Dr. Nelson is well educated and intelligent.  His ideas are compatible with the research of Dr. Scott Brady and Dr. Hamer.  He exudes compassion and integrity. Like so few in this world, he has been willing to listen to his patients and humble enough change his world-view from what he learned.

A Complete System

The Emotion Code teaches you how to effectively and easily do muscle testing (kinesiology) on yourself and others. He discusses the healing power of energy and, specifically, magnets. He then precedes step by step, showing what questions to ask and advising you of possible challenges. He even has a fascinating section on treating animals.

Tried and True Help For Real

This book is full of examples to back up his techniques from many years of clinical experience. His protocol has helped an impressive number of people to recover their lives.  The Emotion Codeis definitely a powerful system to check out if you are serious about your health and getting the most out of your life.

If You Need Help In This Area, I Can Help

I can not only release your trapped emotions but can also scan your body for other problems.  You can go to my website for more information, or click on Services above.

Dr. Nelson’s eBook on How to Get Well

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