Emotional Healing Can Cure Serious Disease

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“All so-called diseases have a special biological meaning. While we used to regard Mother Nature as fallible and had the audacity to believe that She constantly made mistakes and caused breakdowns (malignant, senseless, degenerative cancerous growths, etc.) we can now see, as the scales fall from our eyes, that it was our ignorance and pride that were and are the only foolishness in our cosmos. Blinded, we brought upon ourselves this senseless, soulless and brutal medicine. Full of wonder, we can now understand for the first time that Nature is orderly (we already knew that), and every occurrence in nature is meaningful, even in the framework of the whole, and that the events we called diseases are not senseless disturbances to be repaired by sorcerers apprentices. We can see that nothing is meaningless, malignant or diseased.”   – Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer

Emotional Healing90% of Sickness is Generated in the Mind

There is no medical paradigm that has embraced the emotional component of disease in a greater way than the German New Medicine.  It is possibly the most important discovery in the history of medicine.  This protocol should be carefully studied by all seeking optimal wellness.  Of the health cures on this website, it is perhaps the hardest to implement because it is never easy to look inward and deal with our stuff.  But it is certainly one of the most affordable.

A New Discovery From A Shining Light

Dr. Hamer was head internist of a cancer clinic at the University of Munich in Germany.  Through a series of dramatic circumstances he began to study the disease process of cancer and other serious diseases in his patients.  What he discovered hearkens back to understandings long rejected by western medicine, theories held by Antone Bechamp.

Emotional Trauma Causes Brain Damage

Dr. Hamer found that an unexpected emotional shock, particularly one that is hard to resolve,  is the origin of many diseases.  This physically damages the part of the brain that biologically corresponds to the particular mental trauma.  This damage can be seen on a brain scan.  (Dr. Hamer can accurately describe the disease process of an unknown patient simple by studying his/her CAT scan.)  The type of shock determines the area of injury in the brain and the corresponding health crisis manifested in the body.

No Snake Oil Here!

This is not the fanciful contrivance of some crack pot ignoramus.  Dr. Hamer was a prominent and respected doctor at a German university.  Over the course of his investigation he has confirmed his discoveries with over 40,000 case studies, a body of research that cannot be easily dismissed.

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Mother Nature Is Not Fallible

Currently accepted medical theories are based on the concept that diseases are “malfunctions” of the organism.  Dr. Hamer’s discoveries prove that nothing in Nature is “diseased” but always biologically meaningful.  Dr. Hamer found that most disease originates from emotions, which create noticeable changes in your brain in areas corresponding with the afflicted area of your body.

Since healing can only occur after the conflict has been resolved, German New Medicine therapy focuses on identifying and resolving the original shock.  Dr. Hamer doesn’t use the word cancer.  Rather, he sees “cancer” as a healing response to repair damage after the emotional shock has been resolved.  The body is now trying to return to normal.

“Many of us will at one time or another experience a conflict and get cancer, but that is a normal part of life, and not such a bad thing at all, once one understands the principles of the Five Biological Laws. Even if some people are concerned about GNM not embracing conventional medical (dis)beliefs, they will soon be convinced by the force of the logic, the beauty, and the general common-sense approach of the GNM therapy.”
– Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer

Here Is How It Works, In A Nutshell

Emotional HealingThe Cold Phase: The Damage Phase

Unresolved conflict displays itself in a constant brooding over a conflict in our lives.  This is what Dr. Hamer refers to as the cold phase of disease.  The body is constricted and is cold and chilled.  The hands and feet are cold.  There are many signs: shivering, cold sweats, insomnia, lack of appetite, nausea, a racing heart, high blood pressure, and cold extremities.  This is the phase of disease where the damage is done to the brain and the body.

The Warm Phase: The Healing Phase

The warm phase comes after the crisis has been resolved.  This phase is the opposite of the cold phase.  The body is warm, inflamed, infected, swollen, and feverish.  The damage done to the body in the cold phase is in the process of being repaired.  This is a good sign but care must be taken with the inherent complications of this stage, such as the failure of organs and profuse bleeding.

A Healing Crisis: The Biggest Danger In The Warm Phase Is How Much Damage Has Been Done In The Cold Phase

These inherent complications take the form of cancer, heart disease, and other serious “diseases”.  These “diseases” are really only the body in the process of repairing itself.  This means that what traditional medicine has seen as disease, like cancer, heart disease, and other serious health problems, really don’t need to be treated in any other way other than to alleviate the body’s stress during its recovery.  If death occurs in the healing phase, it is because we have already been mortally wounded in the damage phase, so that the event required to heal us is too much for our system to take.

Here is the crazy thing!  We are trying to heal the body when it is already in the process of healing! And it is a lot smarter at healing than we are!

Faster Healing Comes Through Understanding, Rest, And Nurture

The pain comes after emotional relief because our body repairs itself through inflammation, swelling, and heat.  After emotional healing, the body begins healing and swells.  You can speed your healing by simply noticing the connection and embracing the healing process as a positive event.   Relapses of emotional conflict can slow down the healing.  You need to rest, nurture yourself, and work on understanding and resolving any emotional conflicts that might still be in development.

You can be stuck in healing if you don’t understand.  We are only as sick as our secrets. We are sick today because we didn’t finish something yesterday—or 50 years ago.  Your natural repair process will heal a wound within 6-8 weeks, unless an underlying challenge prevents it.  In over 90% of cases, the body heals itself.

Emotional HealingBut We Have Really Always Known This

Many of us have intuitively known about this all our lives.  We know how destructive negative emotions can be to our health.  When we are at peace we feel the best.  Though Dr. Hamer’s pioneering research has been ignored by the medical community, his discoveries present us with very practical ways of moving toward physical health by embracing emotional healing.

Teach Yourself This Life Saving Treatment

There are two websites that teach Dr. Hamer’s German New Medicine.  They are Dr. Hamer’s English Website and Caroline Markolin’s Website on the German New Medicine.  She has personally studied under Dr. Hamer and is a certified German New Medicine teacher.

Probably the most effective way to learn is to study Dr. Hamer’s chart set.  This, in combination with the website testimonials and Dr. Markolin’s videos, comprise an effective way to be able to powerfully implement this healing therapy into our lives.  At $110, the charts are an investment rare in this world.  With them we have a diagnostic tool similar to Royal Rife’s dark field microscope or Hulda Clark’s syncrometer, an invaluable means of troubleshooting our specific unresolved conflicts.  Many have helped themselves and others with just these charts.

“As a rule, the use of drugs should be carefully considered and restricted to cases of emergency. Medication can certainly alleviate or eliminate symptoms, or prevent complications that arise during the healing phase. But, no drug and no therapy in the world can truly cure a disease. Only the patient can “treat” his symptoms, because only he can resolve his conflict and only he can do the healing!”  – Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer

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