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Natural Pain KillersWhen I think of natural pain killers, I think of hot showers, ice, and deep breathing.  But Dr. Scott Brady, building on the work of Dr. John Sarno, has a better idea.  It comes from discovering the true cause of much of our pain.  He believes that buried negative emotions make their presence known as pain.

Dr. Brady Describes The Culprit In His Book, Pain Free For Life:

“It’s been my experience that back pain is indeed a signal that something is wrong–but it’s often not structural. In most cases, the problem is that overwhelming levels of stress and buried, repressed emotions such as anger, fear, and anxiety have given rise to autonomic hyperactivity. The result is muscle spasms, transient lack of oxygen to the tissues, and chronic pain–Autonomic Overload Syndrome. The great news, for many suffers of chronic back pain, is that the Pain-Free for Life Program addresses the very roots of AOS so that you can reverse the problem and make the pain disappear once and for all.”  – Brady & Proctor  Pain Free For Life  pp 60-61.

Unruly Emotions

The cause of our chronic pain could be an overloaded autonomic nervous system.  It is overwhelmed by negative emotions that we have been suppressing since childhood.  There is research to support actual molecules of anger, fear, guilt (and happiness) that connect our emotions to your body.  The three most destructive ones are:

  • Anger is the most dangerous emotion.  Because it is an enormous activator of the autonomic nervous system, it is the top culprit in causing physical pain.  Most people have a hard time admitting they are angry.  They are disappointed, frustrated or irritated but not angry.  But it all boils down to degrees of anger—and pain.
  • Fear is a close runner up to anger.  People don’t like to admit they are afraid either and soften in up with words like concern, nervous, worried, and anxious.  We are afraid of everything from the unknown to being alone.  No matter what its manifestation, it will do the same things as anger: cause pain.
  • Shame goes by many names too: embarrassment, humiliation, guilt.  It can be caused by failing to reach impossible goals, poor behavior, and sexual abuse, among other things.  Since expressing this emotion isn’t safe within relationships, we bury it—again and again, for a long time.  And guess what?  Pain is the result.

Each of our personalities contain different pitfalls that lead us to embrace these negative emotions.

So What Is The Solution?

Treat the whole person.  In the west we tend to separate the mind, body, and spirit.  But the truth is that the mind affects the body.  We all know that intuitively.  So it is the mind we must treat, not the body.

Here Are Some Ideas On How To Do That

  • Spend 5 quiet minutes realizing the truth that the cause of your pain is your stuffed emotions and not your body.  Your subconscious stops at nothing to keep you away from dangerous emotions.  It will even cause you pain.
  • Spend 5 minutes ordering your subconscious to stop the pain.  Your subconscious mind is weaker than your conscious.  Then take a few minutes to imagine your conscious mind winning the war against pain.  See yourself deleting the pain on a computer screen or defeating it in a sports arena and then visualize your muscles relaxing and your body being washed with healing.
  • Natural Pain KillersSpend 20 minutes putting your emotions on paper.  This brings your subconscious up to a conscious level.  This has been proven to work.  Investigate your past emotions and your current circumstances.
  • Spend time in prayer and meditation.  Hundreds of studies in recent years have shown marked health benefits from an active spiritual life.    For thousands of years, people in every culture have believed in the link between physical health and emotional/spiritual health.  Spiritual health turn:

Fear to hope

Condemnation to freedom

Worry to inner peace

Isolation and loneliness to connection

Lack of meaning to relevance

Doubt and uncertainty to assurance

This step is completely optional. These steps will be effective without this step but recognizing and dealing with your spirit can make them even more productive.

  • Begin physical activity again.  If you have stopped exercising because of pain, you need to begin again.  If emotions are causing your emotions, there is no reason why you can’t resume exercise like old times.

If You Are Constantly In Pain, Take Notice!

What  these things will do is  train the subconscious to recognize that the source of pain is in the mind and to redirect these energies into more appropriate releases.  This is a wonderful discovery for those suffering with pain and so simple that it is certainly worth pursuing.

You can learn more about it in Dr. Brady’s book, Pain Free For Life.  Here he discusses a complete program on how to say goodbye to your negative emotions and pain for good.

Yeah! This Has to be One of the Best of the Natural Pain Killers!

The mind itself is a powerful natural doctor.  It contains within itself one of the most powerful health cures.  This cure is not easy but it is very affordable.

For more great insight on the subject of dealing with your emotions for for less pain and better health, see Dr. Dick Tibbits research on forgiveness.

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