Formulas of Natural Healing Remedies

There’s Nothing Like Home Cooking

One of the most powerful natural healing remedies is what we eat.  And home cooking is always the best cooking. And that doesn’t just go for what mom makes for supper. It counts most with the recipes she produces for us when we get sick. True, often they don’t taste as good as her apple pie but they can sure take us through a crisis.

Mom Knew Best

Despite all the impressive proprietary processes—quick extraction, high tech machinery, freeze drying, etc.—the integrity of mom’s kitchen still stands. The simple, time tested ways are the best ways. And all of the sophisticated laboratory testing for potency can’t alter the truth.

Mom’s Recipes Are Not For Wimps!

With quality ingredients and methods that have endured for millennia, you can create the most powerful natural healing remedies—extracts, fermentations, enzymes, and more—right in your kitchen.

My kids grew up and flourished with these formulas. Though the strongest ones pack a punch, they knock them back with a smile. They cough a bit, shake their heads and come back for more, year after year. But others are actually pleasant and make tasty condiments and additions to that great home cooking.

Extracts: Simple and Effective

Alcohol and water can extract plant chemicals that our stomachs have a hard time processing.  And many of the constituents of plants cannot be pulled out by our digestive system.  That makes these household processes all the more valuable.  Thankfully they are simple and within reach of all.

Alcohol Extracts | Water Extracts | Double Extracts

Lacto Fermentation: Doing Our Gut a Favor

The process of propagating friendly bacteria through lacto-fermentation is one of the most beneficial natural healing remedies we can do for the health of our digestive tract.  Other fermentation processes, like alcohol and vinegar, must be decomposed and eliminated by the body.  But the fermentation that produces lactic acid is different.  It is useful in an amazing way.

A Double Whammy Plus

Digestion operates by breaking down the food we eat and then building essential nutrients out of it.  Lactic acid both provides digestive acids to break down our food, and the activation of metabolic processes to build the necessary nutrients out of it.  It is an understatement to say it is needed in the digestive system!  On top of this, it inhibits the proliferation of bacteria that cause putrefaction.  It even helps with the peristaltic movements of the intestine.

All this can be put into motion in a few minutes, for a few bucks, in your kitchen.

Lacto-fermentation of Veggies | Lacto Fermentation of Milk

Enzyme/Nutritional Formulas

Some foods are more packed with nutrition and enzymes than others.  The germination of a seed increases enzyme activity by as much as six times.  Vitamins, minerals, and enzymes are concentrated into a rich draft of vitality when you juice them.  The body, often nutritionally deficient in our modern world, desperately needs help.  Superfood and juice combinations can help.  And so can a simple sprouted seed.

Sprouting Food Enzymes | Juicing | Superfoods

Skin Formulas

The skin is our largest organ and much can be done on a budget to increase its wellbeing.  In fact, the health of the whole body can be affected through the skin as many nutrients are absorbed through it.  Here are some great formulas to increase your health and give you a vibrant appearance.

Facial Formulas | Magnesium Oil | Deep Tissue Oil | Poultices

Financial Formulas

Our financial health is an important indicator of our overall health. A balanced life must include the financial realm as well as any other. A lack of understanding and wisdom in this area has torn the glow of health from many marriages and bodies.

Financial Formulas | Giving

We Can Do This!

Finding targeted ways to impact our health is not beyond the reach of any of us.  These natural healing remedies are formulas simple enough for any of us to build.  And, they are as affordable as anything we will eat.  It is time to take responsibility for our health and really live.

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