Cultivating Food Enzymes

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Food enzymes are critically important for healthy body function.  Years ago, I went to a seminar by Dr. Michael O’Brien, a noted enzyme research scientist, that underscored this.   I was especially impressed by Michael’s appearance.  He looked half his actual age.  His body bore the truth of his words about enzymes.  Today he is over 100 and still vital.

A Serious Regenerator

He has successfully treated many genetic conditions and hopeless cases of advanced disease.  The other thing that got me to thinking was his use of massive doses of enzymes to affect the complete recovery of the famed Dr. Bernard Jensen, who had been written off with an incurable case of prostate cancer.

To Drink From The Fountain of Youth

As I looked further I found that food enzymes are the most dynamic sustainers of our life processes.  They keep us alive and help to preserve our youth.  The dilemma is that our foods, because of cooking and farming techniques, are enzyme depleted.  And so, without enough enzymes, our cells can’t perform up to par.  Consequently they can’t protect themselves or replace themselves like they should be able to.  This is what brings disease and aging upon us.

The Tiniest Miracle

Of course the problem, as usual, is that those bottles of high quality enzyme concentrates (or organic produce) are beyond the budget of most families.  But as is also usual, nature has provided a source of abundant food enzymes for all.  And this time it comes from one of the lowliest places—a seed.  A miracle happens with the sprouting of a seed—a miracle of abundant life that can happen in the poorest of kitchens.  The sprout, so copious with enzymes and nutrients, can work miracles in helping us to stay biologically young, healthy, and performing optimally.  It is a true fountain of youth.

Affordable Organics

So you don’t need to despair because you can’t afford to buy organic food.  In short, sprouts are an affordable organic food that can reliably provide food enzymes no matter where you live.  But they go far beyond those beautiful organic vegetables you can spend too much of your paycheck on at the grocery store.  Sprouts are a balanced super food with nutrition per calorie beyond any other known food.   They have significant levels of antioxidant vitamins (sprouting increases vitamin content by 100% to 1000%), essential fatty acids(EFA), and because they are predigested food, they are much more easily assimilated by the body.  They also have a powerful, health promoting, alkalizing impact.

So Get Your Kitchen Ready.  It’s Time to Tap Into That Fountain of Youth!

Step 1: Assemble necessary equipment.

  • A wide-mouth jar
  • Screen or netting or sprout screens
  • A bowl to drain the jar
  • Fresh water
  • Organic sprouting seeds  Two oz. of seeds will yield 1-2 pounds of sprouts, and 8 ounces of beans will yield 1 pound of sprouts.  Here are a few of the most nutritious producers of food enzymes: rye, fenugreek, wheat, mung bean, lentils, chickpeas, and broccoli.

Step 2: Pour seeds into the jar and cover with screen and ring.

Step 3: Rinse your seeds with water.  Then cover them with water to a depth of about 3 times the height of the seeds.  Let soak overnight.  Ideal temp for growth is from 65 to 75 degrees (18 to 25C).

Step 4: Drain water off in the morning and rinse with fresh water.  The seeds no longer need to be submersed.  Repeat rinsing every 12 hours.

In one to three days the sprouts should be ready, depending on how much growth you wish the sprout to have before eating.  Sprouts should be eaten before the 5th day after germination as they dramatically lose enzyme content after that.  So make sure you eat your sprouts in that 4-5 day window.

This is an amazingly simple and abundant way to make your own food enzymes, though it may take a little experimenting to adapt to your particular environment.  All that is needed to start the voyage of life is moisture.  Your life will never be the same again.

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