Magnesium Oil – Hype Or Helpful?

By admin On October 7, 2011 Under Formulas

Although it hasn’t been taken up by the press yet, science has been telling us for some time that 80% of Americans aren’t getting enough magnesium.

To Blame For Serious Disease

No matter how many antioxidants or minerals like calcium you get, if you don’t get enough magnesium, your cells simply won’t work. With the mountain of forceful and convincing research that has been done over the years, it is interesting that we haven’t heard much about it.

A lack of magnesium in the body is a causative factor in practically all of our serious health concerns. Doctors and researchers of top reputation are blaming things like heart disease largely on a magnesium deficiency.

The Dilemma

The problem is that the foods that you need to eat to give you enough magnesium are not foods we eat in high enough quantities to provide what our body needs. This is compounded by the fact that absorption of magnesium supplements is extremely poor. Of course, you could just down more magnesium pills, but then you get the runs.

OK. We Have a Problem. So What is the Solution?

The solution is to absorb magnesium through your skin. This is highly effective and avoids any bowel problems. This can be done either by soaking in a bath in which magnesium salts have been dissolved or by rubbing a magnesium-saturated water solution on your skin. It feels oily but it really isn’t.

Simple and Inexpensive

This kind of supplementation has been validated by both research and experience. So using topical magnesium oil is another simple thing, like iodine supplementation, that you can easily do to make a dramatic difference in your health.

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