My Kids and the Natural Doctors

As I put up different pages of therapies and formulas on this website, my mind goes back into the past where floods of memories assail me. Because these things have been the standard fare of my kids at every stage of their life since they were born.

Here is my oldest son, Dustin, near the age where charcoal saved his life. Both of my boys enjoyed massage from this age too. Actually, from the moment they were born. And as teenagers, they still do!

And here is my youngest son, Brandon, around the time when he choked back his first Echinacea/Cayenne alcohol extract.

Here are Dustin and Brandon when they did their first cleanse. It wasn’t quite a Dr. Schulze cleanse but we broke them in slowly! It was also about this age that they started to browse sprouts. It took a while for them to enjoy them.

Here are Dustin and Brandon at the age when they were responding well to garlic and alcohol extract for their ear infections. They also started taking to tea and about this time we added colloidal silver to our battery of defenses.

Brandon is posing here at about the place in his life when the parasite zapper came in handy for nixing a bad case of candida. At this point he was also more careful to observe a more solid nutritional foundation, which included some of our first homemade fermented veggies!

Here are the boys in some of the purest water and air in the Pacific Northwest. We tried to get out in this kind of country as often as possible.

Plenty of exercise is what I guess most kids get and my kids were/are no exception. If I didn’t stay active today, I would have a heart attack trying to keep up with them! Here is Dustin soaking up the sunshine on the trampoline.

And when you exercise like that, here is how you sleep. And it was one of my wife’s major priorities to make sure the boys got an ample amount. Over the years they have been all the healthier for it too.

Somewhere in the middle of all the family and therapies and formulas the boys learned to trust us. In this picture, they actually trust that I won’t spin them off into oblivion!

Even though my kids don’t manage to pull off all of the therapies of the natural doctors perfectly, I feel they are much to the better by growing up in the trenches with them. If you ask them today, they will tell you that they thought all those things we did to them were normal! But, then again, what is normal?

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  • My Kids and the Natural Health Doctors

    My Kids and the Natural Doctors