The Anatomy Of Peace

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God’s character is love.  Love is other-centeredness, loving the other more than self.  Consequently the word of God and the law of God hang on this greatest of realities.    This is the anatomy of peace and health.  The structure of civilization hangs on God’s word, on His truth.  We know this intuitively.  Harmony and peace in the world are dependent on love and respect for the other.

His Story

The universe was shocked when God distilled His character of love down into such simple terms.  Of course, we should expect this from the greatest author of all.  He knows what makes a story, and a universe, work. On the other hand, we seem to have a hard time with that.  That is why He gave us His word, a series of tales that contrast our stories with His.

I think looking at God’s word through the lens of stories is the best way to let His truth sink in.  Jesus thought so.  So let us look at the word of God through some of the stories written there.  God is the author of these stories as well as all stories, including yours and mine.  History is His-story.

Story Reconstruction

In looking at His story, maybe we will come to understand our stories better.  And in understanding, maybe we will be more willing to trust His character of love so that we can let Him help us change our story’s ending.  The anatomy of our peace, and healing, depend on it.

Ancient Stories

The Millennial Man

Back To Jerusalem

The Coming King

The Rebellious Prince

The Supreme Sacrifice

The Law of the King

Bricks Without Straw

The Glorious Kingdom

The Witch of Endor

Cities of Ash

A River of Life

Resting the Land

Bowing to Babylon

The Mark of Cain

A Heavenly Model

Cleansing the Temple

A Tale of Two Women

Windows of Heaven

The Daughter’s Dance

Ten Times Wiser

Voice in the Wilderness

Proving the Prophets

A Jar of Oil

Above the Crowd?

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