Do Evil Gods Act Like This?

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Evil GodsIs God Good?  Is He Any Different Than The Evil Gods? Your Health Depends On Your Answer.

More people have abandoned faith in God because of the problem of evil than for any other reason.  The problem is this: If God is so good, why is his world so bad? How can a god that is maximally good, wise, loving, just, and powerful do such a miserable job of running the show? Why do bad things happen to good people?

If we do not understanding God here, we forfeit much of our peace and health in life.  For who can we trust if we can’t trust God?

Here are some thoughts in faith’s defence:

1.      Evil is not a thing that God created.  It is a wrong choice of creatures or the fallout from their wrong choice.

2.      Take away all sin and selfishness and you would have heaven on earth. Even what was left of physical evils wouldn’t bother us. Saints embrace suffering with joy, like heroic lovers.  But they do not embrace sin.

3.      The evil gods don’t act like the true God.  The solution to evil is God’s Son Jesus, who came to defeat the power of evil in human nature.  God is not an absentee landlord who ignores his slum; He is a garbage man God who came right down into our worst garbage to clean it up. How do we get God off the hook for allowing evil? God is not off the hook; God is on the hook. That’s the point of a crucifix.

4.      Finally the question “Why do bad things happen to good people?” assumes a lot.

  • Who says we’re good people? “Why do good things happen to bad people?” is a more appropriate question.  Sinners think they are saints, but saints know they are sinners.  Jesus said, “No one is good but God.”
  • Who says suffering is all bad?  A lack of suffering would turn us into brats and tyrants, not joyful saints.  Suffering brings wisdom that nothing else can.   Not all things are good, but “all things work together for good to those who love God.”
  • Who says we have to know all God’s reasons?  Who ever promised us all the answers?  Animals can’t understand much about us; why should we be able to understand everything about God?  The world’s wisest exploration of evil, the Book of Job, basically says we just don’t know what God is up to.  We are ignorant, we are infants!  Sometimes we have to trust other humans with our lives.  Doesn’t it make sense that we need to trust the word of the infallible, all-seeing God when we can’t see from our reason or experience?

Would We Rather Be Robots?

If the origin of evil is free will, and God is the origin of free will, isn’t God then the origin of evil? Only as parents are the origin of the misdeeds their children commit by being the origin of their children. The all-powerful God gave us a share in his power to choose freely. Would we prefer he had not and had made us robots rather than human beings?

The picture is clearer when we look at it more critically.  Unlike evil gods, our all wise and all good God has forged the only course that Love could to save us because He wanted free thinking companions.

A Certainty of God’s Goodness Brings Peace And Health

Our failure to trust God reflects a lack of deep confidence in His goodness.  How can you despair when God is good and has your best in mind?  He will certainly bring goodness into our lives even in our most difficult trials.  If we embrace a conviction that God is good, it will lead to a deep trust that will bring us peace, joy, and health.

*This webpage reflects the heart of a larger article by Peter Kreeft.

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