The Lord Will Provide

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God Will Provide For Us

Lord Will ProvideI love one of the names that God went by in the old testament: Jehovah—Jireh.  It means the Lord will provide.  The Lord will see to it.  What a motto to shape a life.  What a recipe for stress reduction and health.  All things we can leave in God’s hands.

God Has A Plan For Each Individual

God not only exists—He has a will.  There is a plan just for us.  We are sent, like Joseph of old, to do a specific task.  Moment by moment, we are either in or out of that will.  Our life is not meaningless. Nothing we do is small.

There Are No Accidents

We live in God’s thoughts.  He controls every circumstance He permits to touch us.  There are no accidents in such a life.  No chance, no fate.  The Lord will provide and everything that happens comes through His hand.  Great thoughts and a broad understanding of God’s purposes will come to us if we believe this.

If We Trust God, All That Happens To Us Harks To An Overruling Good Design

To trust God means that everything will work together for good too.  God can take a complicated situation with men’s differing plans for evil and make them come out according to His benevolent purpose—make them turn out for good.  Every participant in your life’s drama works in his own character and governs his conduct and actions by his own unfettered will.  No coercion is applied to the free agency of any one of them.  Notwithstanding, in some inscrutable way, they all combine to carry forward one great purpose.  All that they do is made to work together to carry out a single overruling design.  He makes circumstances answer the far-reaching purposes of his will.

The Lord Will Provide A Plan, Exact and Meaningful

There is a definite plan, divinely shaped, for every human.  All that comes to us has a bearing on God’s plan.  It is sent or allowed to mold and shape us for that purpose.   Each of us is meant to do some exact thing and our life’s circumstances prepare us for it.  Believe that and your life will have meaning, joy, peace, and health.

Trial Plays Its Good Part

Trials and disappointments, injuries of others, griefs, sorrows, heartbreaks and losses, all have their mission from God to prepare us to carry out His plan for our lives.  There can therefore be no room for despondency or discouragement in our lives.

Lord Will ProvideA Clockwork Plan

There is a wonderful over-all supervision of God in every life that trusts in Him.  Every link of the chain is fitted into its own place with most delicate and timely precision.  No development comes a moment too soon.  Not one is allowed to lag and arrive too late.   The Lord will provide and the providences of God are like the nature of God.  There are no haphazard movements in His works.  The great orbs in space—sun, moon, stars, planets—move with exact precision.  Their transits, circuits, eclipses, and conjunctions can be and are calculated a thousand years ahead.  God knows them, to the minutest star set too early.  All movements are under divine control.  In the providential arrangements presided over by God for all His works, everything has its fix time.  And the clock of God is always right—never a second slow; never a second fast.  Chance has no part in it.

Nothing, Literally Nothing

When we go through hard times, we need to meditate on the wonderful upshot of all this:  There is no situation, no matter how desperate, from which God cannot speedily deliver us.  When God’s time has come He can make every difficulty vanish.  He can cause every barrier to disappear.  Nothing, literally nothing, can stand in the way of the carrying out of His purpose, the fulfillment of His will.

The Lord will provide for us.  Our health is dependent on His providence.

*This webpage distills the heart of a larger work titled God Sent A Man by Carlyle B. Haynes.

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