Therapies of the Natural Doctors

Don’t Make The First Last

Natural doctors are important.  But in the rush of life it seems our health gets pushed to last place. We find time for everything else except it.  It is our most important possession. If we lose it, we lose everything. So it is important to do what it takes to make time to bring balance to your body, mind, and soul.

The therapies of these natural doctors, especially the foundational therapies at the top of this page, have been vital for me in my quest for optimal health.

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Foundational Therapies
Cleansing Therapies
Chelation Therapies

Foundational Therapies

Nutrition | Exercise | Water | Sunlight | Temperance | Air | Rest | Trust in Divine Power

Build Your House On A Good Foundation

The best and least expensive therapy to support well being is to base every part of your life on the foundation of health.  This foundation is built on more than vitamins and organic food. The secret to health is to live your life well on as many fronts as possible. Some of the components that make up this foundation can be violated without paying a steep price but the majority cannot be crossed without consequences.  Build your life on the solid underpinning of natural doctors and you will be rewarded with better health.

New Discoveries Confirm  Our Common Sense

Recent discoveries in genetics have confirmed the importance of a foundational lifestyle in extending health into later years.  By living well, we reinforce the integrity of the telomeres at the ends of the chromosomes.  The disintegration of this coded material is now believed to cause cell weakness and death.  Studies are confirming that an unhealthy lifestyle accelerates this process.

The Truth Is Timeless

Ellen White, a health reformer in the 1800s, talked about preserving this vital force by building on the foundation of health—the 8 natural doctors.  She said that “Pure air, sunlight, abstemiousness, rest, exercise, proper diet, the use of water, trust in Divine power—these are the true remedies.”—Ministry of Healing, p. 127

Each of these 8 doctors interconnects with and adds to each of the others. These are the core therapies that are the basis of good health and a balanced life.

Nutrition | Exercise | Water | Sunlight | Temperance | Air | Rest | Trust in Divine Power

Cleansing Therapies

Colon | Liver | Kidney | Lungs | Parasite | Skin | Lymph

“During my many years of sanitarium work, I have found that taking care of the five main elimination systems is the most important thing we can do to gain and maintain health.”
-Dr. Bernard Jensen

Under Attack

Cleansing therapies use the natural doctors in such a way as to revitalize the body.  We all know that the environment we live in is not bio-friendly. Toxins, both chemical and microbial, are constantly attacking us externally and internally. They come to us through our food, water, air, or the things we touch. The barrage is so intense that our main organs that eliminate toxins—the kidneys, liver, colon, lungs, and skin—can be overwhelmed and debilitated. Parasites, both macro and micro, then invade as irritants weaken these organs and tissues. This brings infection, inflammation, and pain.

Play A Supporting Role

What the cleansing organs need is help in their task and without it the body can become overrun with poisons and parasites. That is why cleansing is so important.

The effect of the positive use of any of the natural doctors—nutrition, exercise, water, etc.—helps to cleanse the body.  But it is most affective to cleanse each organ in a focused way. What follows are some of the specific cleanses that I have found critical for optimal health. They should be done seasonally at best and at least once or twice a year.

Cleansing is one of the best ways to get rid of allergies and intolerance to different foods.  Health has more to do with getting the detox organs functioning than not eating a particular food. Good food should be able to be eaten in balance.

Here are some of the cleanses I have practiced over the years.

Colon | Liver | Kidney | Lungs | Parasite | Skin | Lymph

Chelation Therapies

Clay Baths | Far Infrared Therapy | MMS1 | MMS2 | Zeolite & Herbs

Heavy Metal Is Hard On More Than Just The Ears

In this day and age, more and more of us are being poisoned by heavy metals. These include mercury, cadmium, aluminum, lead, and copper, to name a few.  High levels of toxic heavy metals have been found in many diseases, from chronic fatigue to Alzheimers and cancer.

Tenacious Tenants

Obviously we should do our best to remove ourselves from the source but sometimes either that isn’t possible or it is too late and we have already been contaminated.  Once contaminated, it is almost impossible for the body to rid itself of these metals without help.

How To Break The Bank

Chelation therapy is a procedure that has long been used to remove these unwanted toxins from the blood.  It intravenously administers chelating agents to remove heavy metals from the body.  The problem with chelation therapy, from my perspective, is that it is too spendy.  It costs $100 or more per session and often over 20 sessions are required to reach the desired results.  Of the population that needs detoxification, most cannot afford it, even if their health is involved.

No Need To Despair

Take heart.  Nature has again provided us with simple, inexpensive, and effective treatments for removing these toxins.  Here are some of the more powerful ways that you can do this.

Clay Baths | Far Infrared Therapy | MMS1 | MMS2 | Zeolite & Herbs


Water Is For More Than Just Drinking

Hydrotherapy is a crucial element for the maintenance and healing of the body.  It is a powerful and simple agent for strengthening and healing the body.   Nothing else can boost your health more rapidly and drastically than hot and cold water.  The following applications are some that have benefited my family.

Contrast | Soaking | Compresses | Steaming

Massage Therapy

Which of the natural doctors above does massage represent?  Being a massage therapist for nearly a decade, I have become more aware of the power of touch.  Healthy touch elicits trust.  And trust, the last doctor mentioned above, is one of the most powerful.

A Healing Touch

Stressed and damaged muscles and connective tissue can be returned to health by focused touch in a nurturing setting.   So massage is another powerful tool for increased health and one of the most inexpensive since touch is what friends and family do—or should do.

Setting Our Sight High

If we would pay more attention to the core natural doctors, and to the therapies that support them, we would be much more dynamic, healthful, and balanced throughout our lives.

I am sharing these things not because I perfectly implement them in my life.  I am sharing them because unless we can cast our eyes on the goal, we will never even come close to enjoying the fruits of a good life.

It is my wish that we may.

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