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When Good Is Bad

The body mind balance is essential for health.  And there can be no balance without self control.   Practically, this means avoiding extremes or excesses in the things that are good for you and giving up the things that are harmful.  There are things we do that are toxic to our health and need to be stopped.  And of course, even the good things can be poisonous if we get too much of them.

When Obsessions Would Kill Us

Self-control is mastery over our passions. It holds our appetite in check, controls our reason, and regulates our conduct. Without it, we are overrun with renegade desires. More than abstinence, restraint is the key element in self-control. A balanced life is a good life.

Many Good Men Are Lost

No physician can take care of our health like we can by bringing temperance into our eating, drinking, dressing, labor, and all things. One of the most deadly strikes against health is the loss of self control. Many good men are lost because they have not the fortitude to bring this into their lives. Only when the body mind balance is regained can progress be made toward vibrant health.

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How do we nurture self control and balance?

Quiet Time

I think the best way to become well rounded individuals is to spend time each morning meditating, planning, praying, and looking at life.  In this way we take care of and nurture ourselves.  How can we know who we are and where we are going unless we take time to think about it, to visualize it?  How can we live a self controlled life without looking at what that means for us and how we will do it?  This is the only way I can see balance ever happening in any life.

By doing this we can find out what our priorities are and what is important to us.  Then we can focus on just those things that are most critical, depending on where we are in life.  When we dwell on these things in our imagination repeatedly, they can become a reality.  Even Christ said, “By beholding you become changed into the same image.”

Take It Easy On Ourselves

One of the most important things to consider about the journey to body mind balance is to not be too hard on ourselves.  Keep things in perspective.  Things don’t always go as planned.  Learning to be a self controlled person is like learning to walk.  We fall a lot before we get good at it.

We must learn how to deal with our failures without letting them get to us.  Doing this nurtures a positive attitude.  It helps us to make the most of life and savor the moment.

Just For Love

Finally, I think nurturing our relationships can draw us to success in this endeavor.  It is easier for us to change our renegade desires and bring our lives into balance if we are doing it out of love for someone we deeply care about.  Come to think of it, that is the only effective motivator.  That someone could be a spouse, a child, God, or even ourselves.

Our Hardest Task

Mastery of self is one of our hardest tasks in life and the work of a lifetime.  But it is a worthy ambition and something each of us can do, with little money, to move toward a healthier life.

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