Can The Sun Cycle Cause Cancer?

By admin On October 6, 2011 Under Therapies

The sun cycles endlessly around our planet, or so it seems. Perhaps it makes little difference that it is the other way around. No matter how much we know about it, the sun is a vital part of our lives.

Savior or Villain?

It powers up all the essential systems that are necessary for life. It elevates our moods, warms us, and gives us light and life. In light of the unending list of vital good functions, where does this negative charge of evil come from-this charge of causing cancer? Is the sun really a traitor that, having given us life abundantly for millennia, turns around and betrays us, delivering death in the end?

A Simple Answer

The most logical answer to this question is simple. All population studies have shown us that the farther we are from the intense sun of the equator, the more cases of skin cancer there are per capita. Go figure! A man in Columbia, who works his entire life under a relentless sun, has less chance of getting skin cancer than a guy who grows up in the fogs of Great Britain?

Another Cycle

Where did this idea of a cancer causing sun come from then? It comes from another cycle. The sunscreen industry donates money to non-profit groups like the American Cancer Society, who increase their revenues by encouraging people to use suntan lotion to prevent cancer. This cycle of “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” benefits everyone but the public.

“There are three things that cannot forever be hid: the sun, the moon, and the truth.” -Buddha

Here are three truths about the sun that also will not forever be hid:

  • The truth is that not only does science tell us through population studies that cancer increases with less sun exposure but science also tells us how. The very sunscreen that claims to keep us from cancer blocks the rays that produce vitamin D in the skin. Vitamin D has been shown in numerous studies to be a major line of defense against not just skin cancer but all cancers.
  • Add to this the long list of unpronounceable chemicals in suntan lotion ending in -one, -ene, and -ate – that actually cause cancer – and it is no wonder fair-skinned populations are cursed with more cancer than their counterparts closer to the equinoctial circle.
  • Finally, the real cause of sunburn isn’t merely exposure to ultraviolet radiation. It is primarily a nutrition problem. When we are deficient nutritionally, the sun’s blessing becomes a curse. We need to eat more antioxidant foods like berries and algae. This gives us a natural resistance to sunburn from the inside out.

The Sun Is Good For Our Health

Sure, it is not good to go out and burn our skin repeatedly through life, as that can cause problems later in life. We should protect ourselves by staying out of the sun at the most intense times of the day, wearing protective clothing and, if we must be in the sun at the most intense times of day, using natural sunscreens that have ingredients that are not toxic.

But we need to remember that the sun is not our enemy. Moderate exposure to the sun cycle is healthy.

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