Contrast Shower Miracle

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The Difference Between Wellness And Sickness

The contast shower is the king of the therapies to increase immunity and energy.  We are not talking about a wimpy, mildly effective treatment here.  We are talking about the most powerful stimulation we can give our circulatory and immune systems.  This literally can make the difference between a long illness and a short one, or even getting sick at all!

No Better Way

Taking contrast showers and baths is nothing new.  It has been used all over the world for thousands of years.  The reason they have endured is because few things can boost our health quicker and more dynamically than hot and cold water.  The contrasting application of hot and cold is the most effective way to move the blood and the lymph.  There is no better way to stimulate the nerves, tone the muscles, and tune the emotions.  This is the mightiest treatment available to the human body. It is forceful and effective.

The Coolest Thing About Contrast Showers

But the most important factor in the power of the contrast shower is its simplicity and affordability.  It is available to everyone in one of the most common places—a place that everyone sings and soaps every day—the shower.  This is the coolest thing about this almighty therapy.

12 Effects of a Contrast Shower:

  • Pumps the capillary circulation, increasing flow to the extremities
  • Increased circulation flushes out the circulatory system
  • Pumps the lymphatic circulation, increasing immunity against infection and disease
  • Increased circulation provides new blood, which nourishes and detoxifies the body systems, increasing organ/gland function and hormonal activity
  • Contracts the muscles which brings nourishment and elliminates toxins
  • Normalizes blood pressure throughout the body
  • Strengthens the nerves, which can help insomnia
  • Heightens mood and motivation, fights depression, and induces whistling and yelling
  • Increases strength and energy
  • Increases oxygen by increasing the breath rate, especially when turned to cold!
  • Better circulation reduces pain
  • Brings life and tone to the skin

OK, You’re Convinced.  But….

A hot and cold shower would positively impact your health.  But you are voicing the most common complaint that keeps people from this healing therapy:  It’s cold!  You don’t have the fortitude to turn that knob to cold.

A Few Suggestions for the Timid Among Us

First, don’t even think about going cold until you are warm to the core.  A cold shower doesn’t set well with a chilled body.  Second, start out with short cold cycles.  It is always the first two times you go cold that are the most shocking anyway.  After that, the body gets accustom to it.  You can go with longer cold a few cycles into it when there isn’t as much jolt factor.

So What Is Keeping You From Turning That Knob?

There is no control like that shower knob for jump starting your health, especially if you are feeling off.  So get brave and live on the wild side for a few minutes.  No drug can replicate the results.  It will transform more than just you skin color.  It will rejuvenate your health.

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