Emotional Dependence

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“Other doctors` scientific research and my own day-to-day clinical experience have convinced me that the state of the mind changes the state of the body by working through the central nervous system, the endocrine system, and the immune system. Peace of mind sends the body a `live` message, while depression, fear and unresolved conflict give it a `die` message.”
-Bernard Siegel, M.D., Professor, Yale University School of Medicine

The Physical Has An Emotional Dependence

We are seamlessly soldered. The emotions are hopelessly connected to the body.  Every cell is affected by anxiety, discontent, depression, and gloominess.  As these negative emotions bear down on the body, the health is damaged.

Be Careful Where You Camp

Experiencing these feelings in life is unavoidable but that is not the problem.  The problem is camping out with these thoughts.  Living with these emotions is devastating.

Unresolved Conflict is a Killer

A controversial German researcher, Dr. Hamer, believes unresolved conflict is a major cause of pain, disease and death.  All of our lives contain trauma that often cannot be totally resolved.  But living with these things is catastrophic.

Understanding Helps

The hard part is keeping these negative thoughts away.  Some of these things can be resolved in natural ways, with clearer understanding and mitigation of losses.  Dr. Richard Carlson, Dr. John Sarno, and Dr. Scott Brady have given us practical advice on learning to understand and control our thoughts.

Here are more foundational therapies:

Nutrition | Exercise | Water | Sunlight | Temperance | Air | Rest

Emotional Dependence, or Trust, is a Part of Life

But I believe the most powerful way to resolve conflict, is to find the peace, happiness and content that comes by trusting.  Nature teaches this.  The universe is a consistent and dependable place.  Day and night, gravity, summer and winter never fail.  The great galactic systems operate through millennia with intricate accuracy.  Is it so far a stretch to believe that the same power that runs the universe with such minute care can also order our lives in the same way?  In our world, children naturally trust their parents.  Trusting a higher power is not so foreign an idea.

A Practical Solution

In his protocol, Dr. Hamer talks about increased spiritual understanding being a solution to unresolved conflict.  What, in terms of practical help, can increased spiritual understanding ultimately bring us but trust.  You see it in a child’s eyes.  You hear it in the peeps of chicks under their mother’s wings.

We Trust Someone, Not Something

Certainly our experience in this world is replete with images of trust.  Here on earth trust is developed by knowing someone and how they will react in certain situations.  I think it must be the same with the higher power—it must be more than something, but someone, that we can grow to know.  Otherwise how can we really trust?  This is much more clinically effective than a vague belief in a universe that intends our good.

A Series of Experiments Illustrate the Importance of Having Someone to Trust:

Scientists did a series of experiments with lambs that show how powerful this trust in divine power is to our health.  They took two lambs, one with its mother and one without, and gave each of them an electrical shock by remote control.  The shock didn’t hurt the lamb physically but was strong enough to get the lamb’s attention and make it jump and run away.

The lamb always jumped and ran the first time. The lamb with its mother in the pen always ran to the mother. The lamb without its mother ran away from the spot where it had been shocked and never went back to the same place again.  The strange thing is that the lamb with a mother in the pen would go back to the same place it was shocked.

The lamb that had no mother to run to, jumped higher and ran faster each time it was shocked. When it was out of safe places in the pen to run, it just stood quivering and finally fell down in a heap. The scientists described it as being like a nervous break-down.  But the lamb that ran to its mother jumped less and ran slower, with less excitement each time it was shocked until finally the shock got no response from them at all.

The Only Solution is Trust

Trust in divine power, emotional dependence, is what breaks the bonds of fear, anger, and guilt.  It shines a light on anxiety and despair.  It not only brings us peace and a positive outlook but helps us resolve life’s most treacherous conflicts.

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