Far Infrared Therapy: The Powerful Detox Sauna

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Far Infrared Therapy Will Detoxify You

FAR Infrared heat therapy uses the wavelength spectrum of sunlight that heats the body normally.  It uses these beneficial rays exclusively without any of the other rays in the sun’s spectrum that are dangerous. The deepest tissues and organs are stimulated because infrared penetrates safely and comfortably up to 3 inches inside the body.  The point of this is to induce sweating. The beauty and benefit of the far infrared sauna is that hard to reach impurities are eliminated through the skin at lower, more comfortable temperatures.

These saunas bring on perspiration at two or three times more volume than conventional saunas but they aren’t nearly as hot.  They operate around 110 to 130 degrees F instead of 180 to 235 degrees F.

The health benefits of far infrared therapy are many but detoxification is, of course, the one I am focusing on here.  The sweat glands normally work to eliminate toxins such as sodium, alcohol, nicotine, cholesterol and carcinogenic heavy metals.  A far infrared sauna simply stimulates the body to cleanse deeper and speeds up the body’s natural process.

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Normal sweat is composed mostly of water and sodium chloride.  But far infrared sweat also contains cholesterol, fat-soluble toxins, heavy metals, nicotine, sulfuric acid, ammonia, and other dangerous poisons.   Even traditional saunas couldn’t measure up.  Any sauna will achieve some detoxification, just not as deep or as comfortable.  Lab testing showed that traditional saunas produce around 97% water and 3% toxins, whereas far infrared saunas generated approximately 80% water and 20% toxins.  15 minutes of sweating in an infrared sauna can purge as much heavy metal as the kidneys can in 24 hours.  Removal of these toxins improves the blood quality and, over time, increases its average oxygen level.

Other benefits of far infrared therapy include:

  • Exercise: During a 10-20 minute sauna session, your heart rate increases by 50-75%. This provides the same metabolic result as physical exercise. The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) (August 7, 1981) supported this when they said that “regular use of a sauna may impart a similar stress on the cardiovascular system, and its regular use may be as effective as a means of cardiovascular conditioning and burning of calories as regular exercise.”
  • Induced fever: Sickness often brings on a fever.  The rise in temperature is one of the best ways for the body’s immune system to rid the boyd of chemicals, viruses and unwelcomed foreign visitors.  A sauna induces an “artificial fever” that accomplishes some of the same effect without the pains of illness.
  • Skin improvements: The skin is deep-cleansed as dust and dirt gets removed from deeper inside your skin, resulting in a softer and clearer complexion.
  • Joint pain removal:  The far infrared sauna has proven to be effective in alleviating joint pain.

When you are detoxifying yourself, it is helpful to keep track of your progress.  You can test your body for heavy metals with inexpensive test kits that are available online for under $20.  You can test generally for the total amount of metals or you can buy individual metal tests.

A nearly 600% increase of toxin excretion in the sweat is enough to catch our attention.  At around $300 dollars for a portable sauna, far infrared therapy weighs in as critically effective way that you can detoxify yourself at home on a budget.

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