Hydrotherapy Benefits: A Most Powerful Defense

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Hydrotherapy BenefitsA Powerful Therapy

Hydrotherapy’s power is in its ability to impact the body in a variety of ways depending on the application. These include immune stimulation, detoxification, system equalization, body temperature modulation, and nerve stimulation, among others.

These applications have benefited my family:

Contrast | Soaking | Compresses | Steaming

A Circulation Pump

One of the most powerful hydrotherapy benefits comes from its ability to increase circulation.  Any pathology or weakness in the body is always associated with a breakdown in circulation.  Consequently, breaking up that congestion is one of the most powerful tools we have to reverse disease.

Water is one of the most effective tools available to do that—specifically, hot and cold water used in contrast.  Repeatedly through my life I have seen positive results with the use of hot and cold water, whether it is driving infection out of a part of the body, bringing new life into an area of degenerative disease, or nixing a common cold.

Pump In Health, Pump Out Disease

Essentially what happens is that the hot water brings the blood to the surface of the skin which makes the peripheral blood vessels engorge to hold more blood.  Then the cold water constricts the blood vessels and drives the blood deep.  As the process is repeated, it drives the circulation of blood back and forth through the area.  This restores the breakdown in the system, brings fresh oxygen and nutrition, and takes away wastes and toxins.  Contrast showers also increases the respiration rate which brings more oxygen into the congested area.

 The Peripheral Heart

One of the strengths of this type of treatment is its effectiveness in increasing peripheral circulation.   The blood vessels of the body are in a state of continual change.  They are constantly dilating and contracting, about once a minute.  They fill with blood as they dilate and, as contraction occurs, the blood is moved onward.  This pumping action of the blood vessels is so powerful and important for circulation that the small blood vessels, as a system, have been called the peripheral heart.

What Happens in the Blood

There is a decide increase in the number of cells in peripheral circulation.  This increase amounts to from 20 to 35% in the red blood cells and from 200 to 300% (a doubling or tripling!!!) in the white blood cells.  The hemoglobin increases 10% or more.

Hydrotherapy BenefitsYes, That Was Actually 200-300%!

The combination of an increase in red blood cells, hastened blood current, and the increase in hemoglobin (and its oxygen carrying capacity) can, with repeated administration, produce permanent improvement in circulation and a progressive increase in red cells and hemoglobin until normal condition is restored.  But, with infectious disease, it is most of all the increase (in number and activity) of the white blood cells brought on by the cold water that makes the difference.

The White Blood Cell Will Never Take Second Place

Notwithstanding the many antiseptics, germicides, etc., that have been vaunted for the treatment of infectious diseases, the white blood cell itself is the most efficient germicide known and will always retain its high place in the defense of the body against bacterial invasion.  Furthermore, the agent which assists the body by augmenting its natural powers of defense, will never occupy a place secondary to purely artificial and chemical means of destroying the invaders.

Up With Alkalinity, Down With Acid Waste Products

This treatment also supports the white blood cells in their job by normalizing the blood’s pH.  In sickness, the blood alkalinity becomes diminished although it never becomes acid.   Contrast applications (the cold part) increase the alkalinity of the blood by burning up the acid waste product buildup during sickness.

Hydrotherapy BenefitsEnergy: An Added Benefit

The cold in the contrast hydrotherapy can also almost double muscle capacity.   It can also bring fatigued muscles back to normal.  This is a real tonic effect and not simply a deadening of the sense of fatigue such as follows the use of caffeine.

So Simple and So Powerful

And all these hydrotherapy benefits come to us in such a simple way.  Anyone can do it.  All it takes is a shower or a tub and a willing spirit. There are many ways to apply hot and/or cold water.  This website will show you some of the simplest ways that have worked for me.

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  1. Casey Ollson
    December 3, 2010
    7:27 pm

    I love hydrotherapy sessions and use my hot tub frequently for that very reason. It’s fantastic and the jets feel great! I highly recommend for anyone with bad knees or bad anything, really.

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