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A Critical Component

Oxygen is one of the four things that cells need to function.   Consequently, fresh, pure air is extremely important for healthy function.  It affects every operation of the body, including the brain.  We need to spend as much time as possible where pure air is available.

We Need Abundant Circulation of Air

Bedrooms need to have free circulation of air day and night.  If a room cannot be exposed daily to fresh air and sunshine, it is not fit for sleeping.  This means that trees and shrubs too close or too dense around a house are unhealthy because they prevent this and encourage dampness.

Take a look at the other foundational therapies:

Nutrition | Exercise | Water | Sunlight | Temperance | Rest | Trust in Divine Power

When Good is Negative and Bad is Positive

The air in our atmosphere is ionized. There are negatively charged oxygen molecules and positively charged carbon dioxide molecules. The more negative charged ions in the air the healthier it is. The outdoor air is negatively charged from the natural ionizing effect of radioactive particles in the atmosphere and the earth’s crust. This ionization also occurs from sunshine and the breakup of water droplets by the ocean or near waterfalls.

Living AirTo Destroy an Ion

Negative ions are rapidly lost indoors by adhering to walls, air conditioning ducts, and fabric materials. Also, wood burning stoves destroy the negative ions. Therefore to obtain enough oxygen from the air it is necessary to have a continuous supply of fresh air that is negatively charged.

If You Are Stuck Indoors, Here Are a Few Things You Can Do To Get More Air:

  • Take breaks outside in the fresh air whenever possible, and open windows whenever it is practical to do so.
  • Have indoor plants throughout your house and in your workplace. NASA scientists have discovered that many houseplants are able to extract volatile organic chemicals from the air thus filtering out toxins as well as providing a constant source of oxygen.
  • Installing a decorative indoor waterfall will generate some negatively charged ions that will help to purify and recharge the air.
  • Get a room ion generator or an American Lung Association recommended heat recovery ventilator for the room you spend the most time in.

We Need To Breathe Deep

Shallow breathing saps our energy and mental clarity.  Our lungs loose elasticity, become weak, and get oxygen starved.  It is necessary to breathe properly in order for the lungs to be filled with enough fresh oxygen to function properly.

Do It Right

When breathing correctly the lungs expand and the diaphragm pushes down into the abdomen. This causes the lower abdomen to extend outward. It is simple to check and see if the breathing is proper. Stand up and take a breath.  Does your gut extend as the lungs are filled and then return as the air is expelled? In normal breathing the abdomen should expand more than the chest.  This is important since the greatest blood flow is through the lower lobes of the lungs.

If you are used to shallow breathing, it will take a bit of practice and thought to make breathing this way a natural habit.

Taking a few moments each day to breathe deeply and super oxygenate the lungs can also make a big difference in your health.  And it is simple and free.

Abdominal Breathing Technique – This will super oxygenate the blood and revive the lungs.

  • Sitting up straight, let all the air out of your lungs.
  • Relax your stomach muscles as you inhale.  Pull the air right down into your pelvic floor.
  • After it is full, continue breathing in until you fill up your chest too.
  • After you think you can’t take in any more, breathe in just a bit more.
  • Hold it a moment.
  • Begin to exhale through your mouth, blowing it past closed lips to increase back pressure.  This backpressure helps to force air even deeper into the corners of the lungs.
  • Let it all out, sucking your belly in to force all the air out.
  • After you think you can’t let out any more, breathe out just a bit more.
  • Repeat the process for 3-5 minutes.

What if your air is polluted?

Unpolluted air is important because when particles of acids, chemicals, metals, and/or dust are suspended in the air we breathe, the cellular structures in our lungs and respiratory system are attacked and broken down.  This results in discomfort that, if allowed to continue unaddressed, leads to chronic respiratory distress and/or disease.  At these time, cleansing your airways with a lung detox can be real life saver.

Bad News And Good News

A University of Milan study showed that just a few days of polluted air can damage our lungs.  This means we should move away from areas of high pollution if possible.  But the research has gone on to confirm some good news too, especially for those who are unable to move out of areas of increased air contamination.  The best defense for someone who must breathe polluted air is to follow a healthy lifestyle, particularly in their diet.

Take Advantage Of A Valuable Added Defense

In addition to this, ion generators and heat recovery ventilators can improve the air in your home.  Along those lines, I have found a system that is better than any other I have looked at.  Click here for an air purifier with unique technology that is unlike any other you’ll find.

Getting rich, plentiful drafts of air can change your life.  It is definitely important enough to be a foundation of good health.

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