A Lung Detox: For The Breath Of It

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lung detoxWhy A Lung Detox?

Your lungs are one of your major organs of elimination.  They exhale cell wastes that, if allowed to build up, would poison the body.  They also rid the body of unwanted elements by coughing them up.  Like every other organ, the body suffers when they are overwhelmed with too many toxins.  Keeping the lungs in great working order should be an important goal for each of us.

First Things First

The first step in a lung detox is to remove the things that cause lung irritation and excess mucus, since these things interfere with optimal lung function and detoxification.  Avoid these foods and triggers:

  • Dairy Products – Although dairy products do not normally cause mucus, the high amounts of fat in them causes existing mucus in the lungs to thicken.  When this happens, it complicates breathing and aggravates coughing.  The wild card is that if you are allergic to dairy, it can actually cause mucus to form in the lungs.
  • Wheat – Wheat and other grains are another cause of mucus formation.
  • Dust and Smoke is an obvious source of irritation to the lungs and should be avoided as much as possible.

After you have removed lung irritations, then there are many things you can do to strengthen and cleanse the lungs.

You can find more cleansing therapies here:

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Herbal Decongestants Can Further Reduce Mucus

  • Taking Echinacea and Goldenseal together in an extract or tea has a great mucus thinning effect.
  • Cayenne is also a time honored way (and one of the best!) to decongest and get rid of mucus.  Take a teaspoon or dropperful of cayenne in some broth or soup a few times a day.  Cayenne not only cuts mucus but also helps to carry it away from the congested area.
  • Finally, I think most people know how effective Menthol, Thyme, and Eucalyptus are for clearing breathing passageways.

Deep Breathing

A vigorous walk is a lung tonic.  It helps them to function optimally.  Take slow, deep breaths.  Of course, deep breathing itself is a powerful lung cleanser and revitalizer.  If you have any kind of lung congestion, a specific exercise can help:  Breath in deeply, turn your head to the side, and cough a few times.  Repeating this process a handful of times is a great way to clean out your lungs.  For more on deep breathing see my web page on Living Air.

Steaming The Lungs

Breathing in steam eases lung congestion and stress.  It helps you to breathe better and widens the lung airways so mucus can be expelled.  It is a wonderful lung detoxifier and hastens healing.  And a facial sauna is so easy to do right at home that it should not be forgotten.  Along the same lines, vaporizers and nebulizing devices can also be a great way to get moisture and essential oils into the lungs.   They are a perfect way to deliver other natural antibiotics, like colloidal silver, directly into the lungs too.

Click here to look at a pretty cool device that makes colloidal silver and and then nebulizes it into the lungs. If you want to make the colloidal silver yourself, they sell the nebulizer kit separately.  They have a competitive price on their durable unit but cheaper ones are available online for around $30-$40 if you search a bit.

Compresses: Deep And Potent Lung Cleansers

There are several methods that I would recommend for pulling poison and congestion out of the lungs.  The first one involves the use of both hot and cold.

Contrast Lung Compress

You need a hot water bottle and some ice in a freezer bag.

  1. Place the hot water bottle on the back.
  2. Cover the ice pack with enough fabric (like a towel) to make the cold tolerable and place it on the chest, covering the whole rib cage.
  3. Leave in place for 15 to 30 minutes, exchanging the hot water bottle for a warmer one if necessary.

The blood vessels in the back are dilated by the heat so that they draw the blood out of the lungs.  This is supported by the cold compress on the chest that is contracting the arteries of the lung at the same time.  Heating up the rest of the body in a bath or more hot packs can make this treatment even more effective.   This can break up severe lung congestion and even treat pneumonia.

The second compress works like a poultice and will pull nasty junk right out of your lungs through your skin.

Lung DetoxDrawing Lung Compress 1

You need a hot water bottle, towels, and some essential oils.  The five essential oils that I use the most are peppermint, lavender, and three blends by Young Living called RC, Thieves, and Melrose.  Frankincense is another essential oil that is a powerful lung healer.  Peppermint is pretty valuable for this application (and RC too, as it is a blend that targets the lungs) but, if you don’t have these, use the oils you have.  It will still be effective.

  1. Put between 2 and 5 drops of each oil on the chest and rub them in.  I have used essential oils straight (neet) on my kids since they were babies but some may need to use essential oils that have been diluted with an oil.
  2. Put a wet towel over the chest that is as hot as tolerable.
  3. Lay a hot water bottle on top of the wet towel.
  4. Place dry towels on top to keep everything warm.
  5. Don’t remove for at least a couple hours.

This is one of the most powerful ways to lung detox that I know of, because it expels toxins from the lungs just as obviously as if you had coughed them out.

The last method is just a milder version of the second.  It is perfect for children or sensitive skin.

Drawing Lung Compress 2

You need the same things as used in the first drawing compress.

  1. Fill the sink or a bowl with hot water.
  2. Add the oils of your choice to the water.
  3. Saturate a small towel in it, wringing it out.
  4. Place it on the chest.
  5. Lay dry towels over the top to keep warm.
  6. Add another compress as often as necessary to keep hot for 15 or 20 minutes.
  7. Repeat several times a day as necessary.

This milder application can be very helpful.  Sometimes gentler is better.  Often, we have to use the healing wisdom that is inside of each of us to decide how to proceed.

Lung DetoxA Strong Indian Tea

After running across this lung cleansing tea all over the internet, I decided it would be valuable to include here.  I have never tried it but it is simple and wouldn’t be hard to test for effectiveness.

A Cherokee Lung Cleanse

Add these ingredients to hot water:

1 tsp fennel seeds
1 tsp fenugreek seeds
1 tsp skullcap leaves

Simmer 10 to 15 minutes before straining.  Drink 3 times a day for 3 days.  This tea is reportedly good for smokers or ex smokers because it causes the lunge to cough up collected tar.

These herbs can be found at a local health food grocery or online. Two of my favorite sources for high quality herbs are Pacific Botanicals and Mountain Rose Herbs.

A Kinder, Gentler World

Kind treatments like these, given to the lungs, can lift their overburden and bring them freedom.  There are few things as invigorating as a deep breath.  It just makes you feel like you are alive and well.  A lung detox can make all the difference.

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  1. DaveinNYS
    December 14, 2013
    1:48 am

    Your information about the lung compresses is especially interesting.

    I quit smoking this year. I’m on the road to recovery. I wish those close to me would quit before they ruin their health.

    Where there is breath there is hope. Detox before it’s too late.

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