A Lymph Cleanse For Your Health

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The Lymph Cleanse Problem

Most people know about how the heart pumps blood through the body.  But mention the lymphatic system and you will get blank stares.  Most people don’t know what it is, where it is, or what it does.

Where Cells Go When They Die

The lymphatic system is how the body takes care of its waste.  Where do dead and injured cells go?  How does the body rid itself of heavy metals, poisonous chemicals, viruses, and other toxins?  That would be the lymph system.

Only Three Ways Of Movement

The trouble in the lymphatic system starts because, unlike the blood in our bodies, the lymph system doesn’t have a “heart” to move fluid through its lymph vessels.  It only moves in one of three ways: contraction of our muscles, the force of gravity, and massage.

Like Sewage In The Bathtub

Since there is five times more lymph than blood, it is easy to see how lack of movement could easily cause a backup of waste.  The lymph fluid becomes thick and backs up into the cells like sewage into a bathtub, producing unhappy tissues to say the least.  This makes the cells become more congested and sluggish and a system which was designed to keep us healthy, becomes a breeding ground for infection and makes us sick.

A Haven For Pathogens

As our distressed lymph system eventually returns its fluid from our body’s tissues to the bloodstream, infection can easily spread throughout the body.  But much of the toxicity just stays in the lymph system, making its stagnant invironment a haven where viruses, parasites, and bacteria can flourish.  Over time, this fosters degenerative disease and old age.

And all of this happens because we don’t move enough.  Our couch potatoe lifestyles and toxic diet is killing us.

The Rebounding Solution

“…for similar levels of heart rate and oxygen consumption, the magnitude of the biomechanical stimuli is greater with jumping on a trampoline than with running, a finding that might help identify acceleration parameters needed for the design of remedial procedures to avert deconditioning in persons exposed to weightlessness. “  – NASA

The most efficient way to get your lymph moving is to jump on a trampoline.  The most convenient and inexpensive way to do this is to buy a mini-trampoline called a rebounder.  A little time bouncing on this every day can produce outstanding results.

How Bouncing Transforms Your Health

  • Lymph Cleanser

The reason rebounding is the most efficient way to stimulate the lymphatic system is because bouncing up and down causes all of it’s one-way valves to open and close at the same time.  This action can radically increase lymph flow.  Traveling up to 15 times faster than normal, it can take as little as two minutes to flush the entire system.

This results in a free-flowing system that causes a lymph cleanse by more quickly and efficiently moving poisons from the lymph system.  The immune function is stimulated as the number and activity of the white blood cells dramatically increases and the defense system is optimized to prevent disease and sickness.

  • Cell Strengthener

As the G-force increases by the alignment of the forces of acceleration, deceleration, and gravity, the increased load strengthens every cell in the body.  This is great resistence training for cells!

  • Overall Health Stimulator

Rebounding moves the cerebral-spinal fluid and stimulates the body’s organs, especially the intestines.  It increases agility, improves balance, and revives a tired body.  Bottom line: it makes you healthier and fit.

Rebounding Advantages:

  • More Efficient

You get the same benefit of other exercise but in 1/3 the time!  One of the reasons for this is because energy is conserved at the bottom of the bounce and recycled upwards, developing more work with less expended energy. The uniform loading on every cell in the body also strengthens the entire body more thoroughly than any other exercise.

  • Easy on Joints

There is 80% less impact on your joints when you rebound.  G-force is equalized throughout the body structure.  Without the solid ground to rudely interupt your bounce, you get more exercise with much less wear and tear on your body.  This makes the effect of gravity more beneficial.

  • Better Lymph Flow

This is the greatest advantage of rebounding.  As mentioned above, the increased lymph flow promotes a lymph cleanse in the body, allowing better detoxification and decreased disease.

  • It’s Fun!

Yes, it’s fun!  At least my kids think so!  For those who struggle with enjoying exercise, this can be a godsend.  It is so much fun that it doesn’t even feel like work.  It can make you smile and often laugh.

But The Fun Even Gets More Exciting!

Speaking of fun, Kangoo Jumps are an alternative that incorporates the same advantages as rebounding in a different package.

These shoes are amazing! Not only can they stimulate and cleanse your lymph system but they can extend your running years because they dramatically reduce impact. Go to www.kjfit.com for more information about and research supporting Kangoo Jumps.

Other Solutions That Initiate A Lymph Cleanse

Move Your Muscles

When it comes to solutions to help a distressed lymph system, getting up and moving more is the first line of defense.  Walk, Wii, windsurf, you name it.  Do anything that will move your body and muscles.

Skin Brush

Another way to move and stimulate and detox your lymph system is to skin brush.  Your skin is not only your largest organ but also your largest elimination organ.  It takes care of a quarter of all your body’s toxins.

By stimulating the skin, skin brushing can do the following:

  • Stimulate lymph and blood flow
  • Stengthen the immune system
  • Keep the skin’s pores open
  • Stimulates the meridian and nervous system,
  • Tighten skin and tone the muscles
  • Improve digestion


Massage is another thing that can dynamically move the lymph.  Since massage can be expensive, it is important to practice massage in families and between friends.  Massage brings with it a host of other benefits for health also.

Don’t Neglect The Lymph!

Moving you lymph is critical for your overall wellbeing.  Fortunately there are simple and affordable ways to stimulate its movement and the vibrant health and fitness that come with it.

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