Removal of Heavy Metals With Chelators

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When it comes to removing heavy metals from the body, the effectiveness of the chelator depends on which heavy metal is needing exorcism and where it is.  However, there are many natural elements that will take all but the most stubborn heavy metals out of the body.

Substances as toxic to the body as heavy metals must be taken out slowly. The system cannot tolerate too much being taken out at once. Consequently, the common denominator in using any of these is patience.

Gentle But Effective

Cilantro and chlorella are a mellow duo. They present an effective synergy at removing heavy metals. Cilantro is pretty good at getting the metal out of the deep parts of the body but often doesn’t take it clear out of the body, depositing it in surface tissues.  Consquently it is good to use cilantro together with chlorella. Chlorella, however, can do what it does without any help.

Alpha-Lipoic Acid, or Thioctic Acid, is another powerful heavy metal detoxifier.  It binds and eliminates metals such as cadmium, mercury, and copper, because of its sulphur properties.

A Powerful And Affordable Oxidizer

Chlorine Dioxide is more of a heavy hitter.  This compound was especially helpful in eradicating my cadmium and mercury toxicity.  It does a great job at taking many heavy metals out of the body, but it is so powerful that care has to be taken not to take too much of it.  Taking too much metal out of the body at once initiates a cleansing reaction that can be intense.  Chlorine Dioxide is especially desirable as a chelator of heavy metals because of its price.  It puts up more bang for the buck than any other!

One of the Best Crusaders for the Removal of Heavy Metals

Very few heavy metals can hold out against zeolite, one of the most zealous crusaders against toxic metal in the body.  Zeolite will take out metals that chlorine dioxide can’t touch.  This diatomaceous, volcanic substance does this by entrapping the offenders in its cage-like structure.

Even greater caution must be taken to make sure one starts out with small doses and builds up to what can be tolerated.  Zeolite can detox heavy metals so quickly that it can make a person very sick.  This is especially not fun when one is already sick.

This element did a search and destory job on the copper toxicity in my system that nothing else could seem to get.

Got A Stubborn Case?  Try These

Most people will be able to get all their heavy metals out using the above chelators, but there are some cases where a person may need more.  In that case, there are products like Beyond Chelation Improved, Extreme Health USA, or Chelorex.  Though I think it is uncommon, sometimes it is even necessary to take an intravenous chelator, such as DMSA or EDTA.

Solutions to a Very Real Threat

These natural herbs, compounds and elements can be extremely effective at the removal of heavy metals. They all have their strengths and weaknesses, their pros and cons.  Heavy metals are a very real threat to our health and if we find them giving us grief, there is one thing sure: with a little patience and persistence, each one can play an effective part in the task of solving the problem.

There is help if you are confused by your symptoms and need guidance to deal with your problem effectively.

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  1. Vráblík
    January 25, 2016
    10:03 am

    Dobrý den
    narazil jsem na Vaše stránky a moc se mi líbí!!! Neumím Anglicky, tak se omlouvám, že píši Česky. Rád bych se optal a zároveň poprosil o radu sestra do stala po 39 letech silné epileptické záchvaty, jestli byste mi neporadil co by jí mohlo pomoci a Já mám dlouholeté pískání v uších?
    Děkuji moc!!!

  2. admin
    January 25, 2016
    3:44 pm

    Ahoj Vráblík ,
    I sval zkouší vás na základě plné moci a vaše nervové tkáně je slabé, protože těžkých kovů a potřebu očistu , zejména tlustého střeva a jater. Nejlepší doplněk , jak se zbavit svých těžkých kovů je produkt s názvem BCI – Binding Cellular Impurities ( Dříve Beyond Chelation Improved, stále stejný výrobek ) . Musíte udělat Dr. Richard Schulze tlustého střeva čistí a jater očistit . Také si 30 mg zinku pro podporu své nervy .

    Pro vaše zdraví,

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