Super Nutrition: What Shall We Eat?

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Super nutrition is vital for radiant health.  In my experience, there are a few things that are critically important–planks of nutrition if you will.  Here they are in order of importance:

Habits In Eating

  • Simple, Cheerful Meals

Probably the most important thing about nutrition is to eat your meals in a relaxed, cheerful setting. This is a prerequisite for good digestion.  Meals should be simple and attractive.  This will invite the appetite.  The stomach suffers when there is too big a variety of food at one meal. Simplicity is a part of health.

  • Eat At The Right Times

Meals should also be eaten regularly, with enough time between (4-5 hours), to give the stomach time to get its work done and rest. They should be at the same time every day so that the stomach can be prepared for its job and not be caught by surprise.  Not a particle of food should be eaten in between meals as this interferes with digestion and overworks the stomach (digestion is forced to start all over).

Breakfast should be the heartiest meal of the day, not only because the body requires more energy then to break the night-long fast, but because the stomach is in better condition to take care of more food then than at any other meal of the day.  The Chinese Clock of body meridians strongly supports this.

Check out the other foundational therapies:

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The last meal of the day should not be eaten too late.  If a meal is eaten just before sleeping, the stomach is forced through another round of labor through the sleeping hours, when it should be resting.  On top of that, since digestion takes up more energy than any other body function, it uses energy that should be used in cell repair during sleep.  For this reason, occasional periods of fasting are also beneficial for stomach and body health.

  • Don’t Overeat

Overeating has much the same effect as mentioned below about eating too much meat.  The stomach can’t process it all, so it rots in the gut and contaminates the body with toxins.

There is a reason why more drugs are sold for digestion than anything else.  Much of it can be blamed on improper eating habits.  If these guidelines were followed, to the best of the ability, then a huge load would be taken off of the stomach and it would be better capable of producing health in the system.  Better appetites and less sickness would be the result. And there would be a pleasure in eating that would repay the effort.

Whole, Unrefined food

I believe the greatest nutritional mistake we make is the use of refined and processed food.  It is not a small thing that can be overlooked.  Consistently eating refined grains, sugars, oils,—refined anything—comes at a heavy cost.  It robs nutrition, increases toxicity, undermines and destroys body systems, and brings on chronic disease.  We should eat whole, unrefined foods whenever possible and avoid as much as possible refined and processed foods like a plague (something that is particularly hard in modern cultures).

Pure, Toxin Free Food

Just avoiding processed foods is a good start here.  They are full of many added toxins.  Some of the pollutants are solvents that are used to clean the processing equipment or chemicals used to extract flavors and oils.  Some, like hydrogenated oil, are used to increase shelf life and others, like MSG and high fructose corn syrup, are used to increase flavor.

Strong spices and condiments (such as black pepper and mustard) irritate the stomach.  These, with coffee, tea, and alcohol, should be used very sparingly, if at all.  They poison the blood and are harmful to the physical, mental, and moral powers.

Herbicides, pesticides, and other growing chemicals are also a health hazard in our food sources.  Grow it in a garden, buy from a trusted source or organic when you can.  If that is not possible, then make sure you wash your food well.  Food needs to be fresh and unspoiled to reduce toxic molds. 


This has to do with another of the natural laws, temperance.  This is important in nutrition because our bodies need a balanced array of critical nutrients.  It needs carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.  It needs vitamins, minerals, and enzymes.

An adequate but not excessive number of calories for the body’s energy are also needed.  For example, too much fructose (the natural sugar in fruit) is harmful because it overworks the liver, where it must be processed.  Too much can also cause the cell’s energy process to malfunction, as well as increase fat stores in the body. So balance is another operative word in eating.

Sometimes we all need a little help with what to eat.  Here is an excellent course that can help.

Care In Eating Meat

Because of rich superfoods like quinoa, chia seed, lentils, and eggs, I believe that it is possible to obtain all critical nutrients from a plant based, dairy supplemented diet. Even if that isn’t so, the problem isn’t so much eating a moderate amount of flesh food as it is eating too much.

Our lengthy digestive tract is burdened by a heavy meat diet, where it often putrefies before it can be processed and eliminated, polluting our system with toxins.  Dr. Kellogg stated that “the colon is left with remnants of undigested flesh which undergo the same changes which take place in the decaying carcass of a dead animal left to itself.  Thus, the body is flooded with the most horrible and loathsome poisons.”

No matter how one feels about meat though, the followings should be considered:

  • Type of meat

Refrain from eating the flesh of scavengers and carnivores. Superfoods like salmon and turkey go to the head of the list.   Scavengers consume refuse, sewage, and decay.  This loads our system with extra harmful bacteria and poisons that it must detoxify.

Carnivorous animals contain a higher concentration of parasites but the biggest problem comes from biomagnification.   Because there is a chunk of energy lost at each level in the food chain to sustain that organism’s life force, the organism in each successive level must eat an increasingly larger amount of mass to produce the same energy levels.

The rub comes because organisms (both plant and animal) acquire heavy metals, radioactive compounds, and other toxins from the environment.  Since each level of the food chain must eat more mass than the level below it, the concentration of these toxins increase as you go up.

As a result, carnivores have a higher level of heavy metals, radioactive isotopes, and carcinogenic compounds than the herbivores have.

  • Quality of meat

Eat only organic or vegetarian fed, free range animals.  There is a lot of disease in food animals because of crowded, stressful conditions and unnatural diets.  This facilitates the prolific and largely unsuccessful use of antibiotics in livestock.  The use of growth hormones and contaminated feed are other common problems.  This is a major concern in our meat supply.

Finally, our food animals know they are going to die and many are treated roughly in the process.   Because of this, the quality of their flesh is impaired. Humane treatment of animals can help this tremendously although the molecules of fear cannot be totally removed from their flesh.

  • Cook meat well

Because of the higher concentration of parasites in animals than plants, meat should be well cooked to kill them.

A Huge Step

Digestion takes a solid place as one the the eight doctors of health.  It is a foundation of strength.  When digestion fails, and it is usually the first to go, all other systems topple in turn.  Long life is the legacy of those who take heed.  Implementing solid dietary habits is a huge step toward vibrant health.

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