Why Affordable Health Cures?

Affordable Health Cures follows the natural flow of my life.  When I was a teenager I was captivated by things that lay in the mysterious land of para-science.  My library was not only full of books on UFOs, free energy generators and high mileage devices but I had files full of plans on how to build them.

My Breakthrough

I can remember in my youth when the thought first occurred to me:  that even though the world was full of smart people, not everything had been discovered.  (Indeed, much had been lost.)  Not only is knowledge infinite but lust for power, money and greed held much potential progress hostage.  Progress often only means just to return to the simple truth.

A Shift In Priorities

Over my early years there was a shift in my interest because, as I studied the likes of Multi-wave oscillators, Rife frequency generators, and Neurophones, I began to realize that the area where I could make the most difference in our hurting world was the area of healing.

So, though I was still fascinated with gravity and alternate power sources, I focused more and more on disease and its cure.  My journey through the years has lead me to startling discoveries and today, decades later, there is still so much more to learn.

A Cure for the Rich and the Poor

Affordable Health Cures is here because I have always felt that natural healing should be within reach of all.  The poor are often those who need help the most.  Modern medical procedures and high tech supplements are out of the reach of much of the world’s population.  And that includes those in the USA and the rest of the civilized world.

Consequently, the only things I really get passionate about are those that are simple, inexpensive, and powerful.  I am not satisfied with words like incurable and remission.  I am only satisfied with a complete resolution of the besetting disease.  I am only satisfied with the cure.

Do You Believe?

I am putting up this website not only to help those who believe, but also to encourage those who would like to believe.  Maybe you have lost hope and despaired of finding vibrant health.  Maybe you can’t believe that health is your legacy, that the cause of your dis-ease can be found and remedied.  If so, this website is for you.

A Website to Guide You to Health

Affordable Health Cures is filled with decades of my discoveries–discoveries of simple things that you can do to make a BIG difference in your health and your life.  Here I will show you how and what and where.

Welcome to a place of belief.  Welcome to a place of health.  Welcome to my website.

Some of the links to products on this website are affiliate links that I make money on if you buy coming from my site.  However, many of the things I recommend here have no affiliate program but they are so dynamic that I would never recommend another product instead, just to make a buck.  Maybe it doesn’t pay as well in this world but I have tried to keep this a real site with health cures that are dynamic and helpful, regardless of my profit.

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